Tips On Upgrading Your Car

car-970353_1280Nowadays, cars are so highly developed that you might think it impossible to make any improvements. But your car can definitely look much better and make you feel a lot cooler, so consider customizing it a bit. If you don’t know where to start, I’ll gladly give you some tips on how to start the fun adventure of upgrading your car.

Wider wheels and tires

Tires are some of the basic parts of your car, since not only are they important for driving in bad weather, they also improve road holding and braking. The easiest way to improve your tires is to buy plus size ones. This is not only about making your ride look better, but also about improving your handling capabilities significantly. A larger wheel also provides the space for larger brake discs, which means more break-pad contact surface.


Many rims sellers offer visualization tools, so you can see how they would look on your car. These days upgrading your car with rims is not for enthusiasts only, so you can get them for reasonable prices and make your car look like new again.

LED light bars

Upgrading your car with better lights, like LED light bars, will surely prove to be a worthy investment. Their durability is higher than those of regular headlights. They only need a small bit of electricity to work and because of that they hardly produce enough heat, so it is safe to put them on your car and use in times of low visibility. One of the best characteristics of these lights is their ability to illuminate a much wider area than normal headlights. So, by upgrading your car with proper LED lights you will no longer be scared to drive in bad weather conditions like rain, snow or fog.

lamborghini-650274_640Ceramic brake pads

Ceramic pads handle high brake temperature with less heat fade, they offer much quieter braking and provide faster recovery after stopping. Also, they produce much less dust as they wear, unlike regular brakes. Ceramic compounds durability tests show that they extend brake life.

Upgrade your sound system

This is not an expensive upgrade, but it can really make your life easier, especially when you have to wait in a traffic jam. Everything is better with the music you like, and according to Popular Mechanics Magazine you can get a new radio head that is compatible with your mobile device for less than $100, so think about that.

Car interior upgrade

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the quality of your drive time. If you are getting tired of the same seats, just use a fabric spray paint and simply spray over your seat in any color you like.

USB power multiplied

If you travel a lot, an excellent thing to buy is a USB power multiplied, which will allow you to use your tablet or phone instead of paper maps. You can insert this additional and powerful USB into the cigarette lighter socket. This way all of your electronic gadgets will stay charged during hours on the road.