Staying Healthy While Working At Home

As a freelance copywriter and photographer, I spend much of my time working at home. While I really enjoy the perks and pluses of working at home, there are also a few unique challenges with the nature of my work. I especially find staying healthy and fit as the most challenging part for work-at-home people. There is the constant battle against procrastination; the need to stay focused at all times; and the temptation to binge on anything in your fully-stocked fridge. So, I’ve written some notes on how to stay fit while working at home.

  1. Choose a chair to work on.

One of the best benefits of working at home is that you can choose when and where to work. You can work in the kitchen, in bed, at a desk, or pretty much anywhere. Most of the time, your work would require you to sit for long hours. While some suggest that you choose a comfortable chair, I would recommend choosing a less comfortable one so that you would be required to stand up and move around every now and then. You want to avoid sitting for long hours. Perhaps, you might want to consider investing in a standing desk or in a treadmill desk – that’ll keep you moving at work!

  1. Use a timer for work.

If you aren’t keen with using a standing desk or a treadmill, a timer would certainly be helpful. Set your timer so that you have to stand up and walk at least every hour. You’re probably aware that sitting for long hours is bad for your health. You can set an automatic timer on your phone or computer. Every time the alarm sounds, stand up and move around for at least five minutes. You can also do simple exercise such stretching, jumping jacks, yoga poses, walking, or better a fun way is to use a trampoline like the ones on this site. Your goal is to sit less and move more.

  1. Don’t overwork.

Having no official time of work is both good and bad. While you won’t ever be late for work, there’s the temptation to overwork. You can start your workday early, continue through lunch and keep working till the sun is down. While it’s okay, every now and then, working beyond capacity very often can take toll on your health. Set boundaries such as no work after sundown or weekend.

  1. Develop a healthy routine.

It is important to create a productive and healthy routine. Try waking up early and prepare for work (perhaps a quick exercise in the morning, do personal hygiene, and dress up) as if you are going to the office. Log your working hours to avoid working beyond your limits.

  1. Stuff your kitchen with healthy foods.

When working at home, there will always be the constant temptation to devour anything inside the fridge. While you don’t want kitchen trips to be taking too much of your day, you can stuff your fridge and stove with fresh, healthy foods. This way you are not constrained to consume unhealthy food.