8 Things You Must Have in Your Car

dreamcatcher-918980_1280Looking for inspiration for writing or photography, I spend a lot of time in the car and go to different destinations. Some have led me in a difficult situation. Luckily, I got out and made this little list of things that everyone should have in the car.

  1. Reserve tire and set required for tire maintenance. This is particularly important if you are driving on rough and rugged terrain, as I sometimes do. When you drill a tire on the road, it is necessary to replace it with the reserve, that you should always have in the car. It should be borne in mind that the reserve tire should be ready for use, correct and well preserved. Sometimes, set for tire maintenance can save you from the accident. Under the set, I mean glue for tires and pump.
  2. Jumper cables. Several times it happened to me that my battery betrays me on the road. In some situations, it was my fault. For example, when I see something that inspires me, and I forget to turn off the light in the car. Jumper cables allow you to reconnect the battery of your car with the battery on someone else’s car and return your car to life.
  3. OBD2 scanner. If you notice that your vehicle is behaving strangely when you’re driving, and you’re not sure what the problem is, this scanner will be of great benefit. An excellent review of these OBD2 scanners can be found here. Of course, you can use it only if you do not drive a car that will soon be classified in the category of old-timers. By plugging it in the appropriate place in the car, the scanner will diagnose your car and recommend what steps to take.
  4. The tool. Speaking of accidents with tires, batteries, and car breaks, I must emphasize that it is very important to have a tool with which such accidents can be improved.
  5. First-aid kit is part of the mandatory equipment in the car, and I think it is unnecessary to explain that it can save your life in certain situations.
  6. Blanket. Perhaps it is not the first thing that you will put into the car, but I have to admit that it can be very useful. If you get stuck on the road, and you have to sleep in the car, you will be immensely glad that you take it. If you need to look under the car, you can set the blanket on the ground, not to get dirty.
  7. Bottle of water. In addition to being able to quench your thirst, it can serve to wash your hands or to clean something in the car.
  8. 2 reflective triangles. If you experience an accident on the road, putting reflector triangles in front and behind your car will draw the attention of other drivers on the road and make you noticeable in the dark.

Although you may not be prone to bad luck like me, you never know when it will happen to you for the first time. You do not need many things to overcome a bad luck on the spot. Things on this list may be enough!

No sport should hurt any one

No sport should hurt any oneEveryone wants to live a happy and prosperous life. Everybody wants to be secure and progressive with their lives. Life is a beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon us and we must all respect and honor the lives of us and those who are around us irrespective of the fact whether we know them or not. Even we must respect and honor the live and dignity of the nature and its creatures. Nature is the mother to all. So every living creature is its child and so we must stand guard and protect its sons and daughters instead of killing and destroying them brutally.

Hunting has been proved to be a good sport for a long time now. Centuries have passed since man first started hunting. Initially, the hunt was to acquire food and it was essential for the survival of the species of the human beings. This did not harm the eco system as this was a part of the cyclic events that the nature had designed for us. This was all part of the environment. But problems started popping up when man started to gain fun out of its act of hunting. Essential necessity turned into passion. Passion gave way for more and more hunting which resulted in killing of animals beyond what was needed by the humans to consume. This passion was turned into luxury later on. Kings and lords went for hunting just to have fun. Their killing of innocent animals was a way to portray their might to the world and tell the world about their glory.

Killing for fun is truly a very gruesome deed. It is a shame on the face of humanity and we must do whatever it needs to stop such actions taken by people. Campaigns are on from every part of the world regarding this and we all should participate in such programs as per the way it suits us best. But we must take some firm steps. Time has come to keep those killing machines, those guns away from the reach of the hunters. We must wake up and respond to the call of keeping those guns back in the gun safe. Know more by clicking here.

In today’s world there are a lot of things and a huge number of options one can choose from to spend his or her time. We now have so many options to choose from for entertaining ourselves and we must find our way to recreation through them.

Killing any kind of organism it an act of cruelty. Even the trees should be cut scientifically and rationally using technology. Cutting trees can bring a whole lot of natural disaster and upset the balance of nature. Nature maintains a fine and delicate balance and we must take steps to keep it intact and not harm it in any way. Sustainable development is what we need now for a progressive and safe future. Our futures are in our own hands and we must do whatever it takes to safe guard it for our next generation.

6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Indoors

Photograph of a cute catYou know how much I love cats. I even built a wooden cat house for Tom. For this DIY project, I found the oscillating tool very useful especially for cutting through wood. Find out more about this power tool by reading through this review site – Oscillating Tools Depot.

I’ve heard some regrettable stories about cats roaming outside: being run into by vehicles or contract infections and diseases or simply getting lost. I was afraid this would happen to Tom, so I decided to keep him confined indoors.

The first few weeks of keeping him indoors were difficult. He seemed bored, unruly and defiant. It seems my pet wanted to explore outside. After consulting a few cat-owner friends and reading through forums, I’ve found a number of helpful tips on how to keep your cats happy, safe and healthy indoors.

Let me share with you some tips I found effective.

  1. Give ‘em lot of toys.

Cats love to play. Make sure there are plenty of toys for your cat such as plastic balls, stuffed mice and other small, inexpensive toys. Playing with toys compensates for the lack of outdoor adventure and exploration, and provides stimulation and exercise.

  1. Play with your cat indoors.

The best way to keep cats indoors is to bond with them. Spend time with your pet at the living room or your bedroom. There are toys that require your interaction and provide plenty of opportunity for you to bond.

  1. Neuter or spay your cat.

In order to keep your cats indoors, spaying or neutering them is an absolute must. This makes cat less territorial, more sociable and reduces their tendency to roam.

  1. Provide privacy.

Cats are territorial creatures and they want to have a defined space. An indoor cat cage in a secluded area means privacy for your cat. Further, you can make your cat feel secured by ensuring that they have a litter box in a secluded area. You can make your own DIY litter box. For this purpose, an oscillating tool is certainly useful. I’ve read a nice review about the Genesis GMT15A oscillating tool here.

  1. Provide a scratching surface.

Unless you want to find your furniture all ripped up, make sure to have scratching surfaces within the private space of your cat. Scratching is a way for cats to do away with tension, stress, and boredom. It is also a form of exercise that keeps their muscles strong. Encourage your cat to use the scratching surface by providing them with treats.

  1. A view of the outdoors.

A large window with clear view of the outdoors gives your cat visual access to the outdoors. Allow your cat to sit beside the window. Visual stimulation minimizes the cat’s anxiety and keeps them less bored. Further, natural light from the sun helps improve their mood.

Contrary to what some people think, keeping your pet cat indoors can have tremendous positive effects on your pet’s happiness and health. It keeps them less exposed to the threats posed by outdoor activity, such as accidents, infections, exposure to harmful substances, fleas and ticks, and more. Use these tips and keep your cats safe!

Interesting Scrap Wood Projects

Interesting Scrap Wood ProjectsNot many of you know that aside from photography, I also am a trying hard DIY man. Actually, I have done few woodworking projects at home. Among the projects I’ve done, my all-time favorites have always been the scrap wood salvage projects.

While cleaning up the garage, I was surprised to discover the scrap wood and remnants from past home renovation projects piled up in there. I was about to junk the pile of scraps when I realized that I needed an extra side table for my room. I thought I could turn the trash into something useful.

Early the following day, I gathered all woodworking tools I could find and started working on my first ever scrap wood project. By noon, I was almost done and ready for the finishing touches. I used the Porter Cable 362V Belt Sander (read review on this site: http://beltsanderworld.com/porter-cable-362v-belt-sander-review/) to smoothen the surface. I painted with clear gloss varnish for the final touch. The result was beyond my imagination. It looked better than what I was initially planning. The variety of wood colors and wood patterns makes it look very unique. It suited my room perfectly!

From this unexpected discovery, I have done a few more projects. Here are some scrap wood projects you can find inspiration from:

  1. Raised garden beds

Old shipping pallets look great as raised wood pallet garden beds. To make one, simply attach landscaping cloth to the bottom, add garden soil, and start planting your favorite flower! This is a great scrap wood project for small spaces.

  1. Scrap wood trellis

Vines and climbing flowers add appeal to your garden. Instead of purchasing trellis, you can use scrap wood. Cut equal length of scrap wood and screw to two long woods. Paint it with outdoor varnish to make it more durable.

  1. Wooden storage

Instead of just piling up scrap wood in the garage, assemble them so to create a sturdy wooden box. Old fence planks and 4x4s are perfect for making storage. Now, you can finally get rid of scraps and make more storage space in your garage. Use a belt sander to smoothen the surface.

  1. Compost bins from scrap woods

Create compost bins using old wood pallets. Making a compost bin is very simple. You just have to screw together the pallets and attach chicken wire on its interior to contain the compost.

  1. Accents for your living room

Scrap woodcraft can add pizzazz to your home. You can create unique picture frames and shelving using scrap woods. Add details to your projects by using salvaged wood materials that you can find at a local junk store.

  1. Get inspiration from your passions

Gather inspiration from your interests and hobbies. I actually made a tall photography backdrop out of salvaged barn wood and many find it lovely.

There are a lot of projects that you can do with scrap woods. Be crafty and let your creative juices flow. You’d be surprised at the wide variety of projects you can do!


All You Need to Know About Door Handles

All You Need to Know About Door HandlesHi guys! Well, I recently got a pretty nice gig – photographing door handles. I had to get the perfect door handle photo so, naturally, I wanted to do some digging into door handles and their types. Here’s what I found!

Door handles are protruding devices attached to door frames as a mechanism of opening and closing the door. They can either be just fixed holding objects to push and pull the door or be connected to the door lock for the purpose of latching and unlatching the lock to open and close the door. Nothing new so far, right?

But, did you know that the use of a door handle has evolved over the years from simple door holding object to an important house decoration object; they can be made out of a variety of materials (such as cut glass, wood, brass, steel, porcelain, Victorian bronze just to name a few) to complement the general appearance of the building. Throughout the week, I suddenly started noticing door handles everywhere – taking my newspapaer, notice my neighbors handle; working out on my these awesome power racks – notice the garage door handle, etc.  So, if you’re asking yourselves by now, what are these various types of handles, well…

Some of the most common types are:

  1. Door levers –usually shaped as stick-like curved protruding handles mainly intended for unlatching the door lock’s primary latch when the lock is not closed using a key.
  2. Flush pull handles-these handles are found on sliding glass doors and are mainly used to pull the doors apart.
  3. Car door handles-these are found on vehicle doors, most of the recent car models do not have keyed door handles but most of the old vehicle designs had door handles with key holes in them. I got some nice shots of those yesterday. Sweet!
  4. Door knobs- These are cylindrical shaped door handles attached onto a door as a means of opening and closing the door. Door knobs can take various shapes such as round shaped, egg shaped and many others. They are made from various materials such as stained glass, stainless steel, vintage iron, polished chrome, polished nickel or even simple wood. I like these the best and I got the best photos out of them right after I did my daily routine on my crazy power racks from http://garagegymlife.com/

That’s what I learned about their types. Now, I also did some research into their usage – it’s all pretty basic stuff but here it is anyway:

  • Keyed entrance door knobs

All You Need to Know About Door HandlesThese are used on exterior doors, mainly because they are lockable with keys hence good for securing houses, they can be also used on interior doors especially ones with valuable contents behind them.

  • Privacy and bath door knobs

These knobs are designed in such a way that they can lock the door lock when twisted from the inside only and do not necessarily require keys. They can be used on bedroom doors, bathrooms or in any other room that requires privacy.

  • Dummy knobs

They are usually one sided knobs without a lock since they are only meant for the purpose of handling the door and not locking it. Mostly they are found on kitchen cabinet doors and clothing closet doors, however they can also be found on exterior doors especially those of large halls.

How to Photograph Moving Bikes

How to Photograph Moving BikesI’ve recently been to a motorbike event and that’s where I faced a real photography challenge. It’s a good thing I took my time to prepare and packed all the gear I needed to make some really good shots of moving vehicles. Otherwise, I would have come home with nothing but a bunch of blurry pictures and a distinct feeling of disappointment.

Equipment is the key to success when it comes both to bike-riding and bike-photographing. I’ve been really amazed seeing so many incredibly skilled and daring people who ride their beautiful vehicles at breakneck speeds. What impressed me the most was the amount of courage it takes to do this as there is so very little that protects the rider’s body in case of an accident.

The only “real” protection that a motorcyclist has is the helmet. Doesn’t sound like much, right? I actually did some research into the subject and found out that motorcycle helmets today are works of art. They can really make a difference in case of a fall, and there is a great variety of them available. Just click here if you want to learn why a helmet can save a rider’s life and how many types of them exist.

I believe that motorcyclists definitely are awe-inspiring people and they deserve the best photographs. Making these shots is hard, but I did manage to succeed and today I’d like to share some tips with those of you who want to try photographing moving bikes.

  1. Get the right tools.
    To get good shots from a motorbike event you’ll need your favorite digital or film SLR camera. Digital compact cameras won’t do for this kind of photography as their shutter lag makes it impossible to take a good shot of a fast-moving object. You’ll need a camera that reacts the instant you press the shutter button. As you are unlikely to get a chance to stand really close to the track, you’ll have to take a 300mm (or even longer) telephoto lens as well as a tripod. The latter is necessary as you’ll have to wait for quite a bit to take your shots, so your hands are sure to grow heavy.
  2. Get into a good position.
    Find yourself a spot at some slow corner of the track. Bikes will be leaning beautifully here, so you will definitely get a few amazing shots.
  3. Set the focus.
    An autofocus feature becomes a hindrance when you are trying to photograph something as fast as a moving bike. So, switch to manual, set the focus on the best spot on the track and lock it. I suggest the apex of the bend as the perfect focus spot.
  4. Experiment with shutter speed.
    You’ll need to set a fast shutter speed when photographing motorbikes, but how fast is for you to decide. Experiment a bit starting with 1/500th of a second and find your perfect pace.
  5. Use burst mode.
    Motorbike racing photography is as much about luck as it is about skill, and burst mode will definitely up your chances capture the best picture.

Fun Things That You Can Do By Yourself

Fun Things That You Can Do By YourselfHey guys, so it has been a while since I got the opportunity to hang out by myself and I found that such a scenario can cause quite a dilemma for individuals who are more or less used to having company around for everything apart from  sleeping.

It is easy to get bored when one finds that all their friends for one or another are unavailable and thus they have no choice but to keep to themselves or maybe go hang out with total strangers. The latter is not quite advisable due to safety and security concerns and thus a better alternative would be finding activities that one is able to do on their own. This is a conundrum that has especially been faced by individuals who for example have lived with someone all their lives and all of a sudden find themselves in an empty apartment with regard to other people once they decide that it is time to branch out on their own.

Being alone is not quite such a bad thing as some would think and it is quite easy for an individual to make the best out of the situation without breaking a sweat. In fact one might find the concept of hanging out on their own for extended periods of time a looming idea but end up getting so used to it that they have to be driven out of the house to join other people for some fun in the long run. The reason for this is simple, just because one is alone does not mean that they are not able to have some fun.

As a matter of fact it can be argued that one might actually be able to have more fun as they are solely in charge of deciding what activity they want to take part in and do not have to be dragged along to some place they would rather not go because of a majority vote against their favor. Granted no man is an island but spending time on one’s own is not such a bad thing either.

There are a number of things that an individual is able to do when they are on their own and the trick is in finding the right thing to do. In this case the right thing can be identified by the potential level of enjoyment that one is able to experience during the activity. Some of the activities that are available for someone to do should they find themselves alone on a particular day or night can include:

  1. Catching Up with Chores

Doing the chores can be a hard task to accomplish with people around to distract them. One can forget to do certain items on the list such as adding the water softener (I usually find great ones at http://watersoftenerland.com) or doing the dishes when they are busy enjoying a story being narrated by a friend. Being alone allows one the opportunity to catch up on such activities.

  1. Reading

It is extremely hard to finish a book if people keep interrupting you midway. Being alone allows one to finally finish that book that they started reading around a decade ago, in most cases the story will still be interesting if the movie hasn’t come out yet.

How To Throw A Great Party

How To Throw A Great PartyHey guys I know you have been waiting to hear about what I want to talk about next and after much deliberation, it occurred to me that I should discuss something that would be relevant to all those who read it. I figured that I should look for a topic that everyone could relate to no matter their age, although in this case when I say no matter their age I should probably note that I am mostly concerned with those of legal age. The younger people can still be included in the topic however as I’m sure that they have considered it too and I am quite sure a couple of rogue teens with their parents out of town have considered the concept every now and then as well.

However I would not want to be a bad influence and thus I remind these rogue youth that they should probably wait for their folks to get back and ask for their assistance on the matter instead of trying to tackle it one their own. I think that I have built enough suspense for the drum roll to come in as I announce the subject I plan on discussing haven’t I? (the drum roll is an imaginary one. Please do not wait for an actual version). I want to give you guys some great tips on how to throw a great party. There comes a time in most people’s lives when they are faced with daunting task of having to entertain a number of guest in their home and it is essential for one to know the various ways in which they can make that challenge a series of successes to be talked about for years to come.

I wouldn’t just pull food out of the bags that have stored in using my vacuum sealer from Vacuum Sealer Hub and get a couple of beers from the fridge to successfully ensure that a party goes in the right direction. The elements of a party go beyond just what is available for consumption and with this in mind, it is essential for one to take a number of factors into consideration when they are planning on throwing a party. Some of these elements include:

  1. The Number of People in Attendance

This is a very crucial fact as it will determine a lot of things that have to do with the party such as the amount of food and drinks that will be needed as well as the location of a party. If you invite too many people the space where the party is being held might become too cramped thus limiting the amount of fun that people are able to have. It is also very difficult to interact comfortable in tight spaces thus the number of people invited should suit the size of the location.

  1. Personal Preferences

Assuming that you know the people invited to the party on a personal level, it is always good to have the kind of food and drinks that they like. This will help them to enjoy the party on a higher level than would have previously been possible had they had to make due with items that don’t really suit their tastes.

How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And Shutters

How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And ShuttersWe all know that the wooden doors and windows on the house becoming less used, especially as an external. They are replaced with the aluminum or PVC windows and doors. I’m not going to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other. My intention is to show you how it is possible to convert old thing in something new. If you decided to replace the old wooden doors or to remove old shutters, do not just throw them away. Use them for other purposes.

Recycling of wooden doors

The door is a large flat wooden surface, which you can use in several ways, without a lot of skills. The easiest way to recycle them is to make a headboard for your bed. You only need to paint them and attach them to the wall behind your bed. It is also quite easy to create a table from old wooden doors. You already have a table surface. You just have to make and attach 4 legs. Also, very easily and without much skill, you can make a coat rack for your entrance hall. Attach the door to the wall, add a mirror, a few hooks and one shelf for hats or umbrellas.

Since I like to spend my free time outside the house, it is quite logical that the external decorations of old doors attracted my attention. From the old door, you can create great hanging swing for the terrace. You just have to pin it with some solid chains and eventually get some good pillows. Enjoyment is guaranteed! If you do not have a terrace, you can enjoy on a bench in the courtyard which you can easily make from the old wooden doors.

True, all this sounds easy until you start to make, paint, cut and put the parts together. Then you realize that it’s not that simple. Good tools can make every job easier. I have to admit that with one great framing mailer this kind of work is a child’s play. Ok, it’s not that I would recommend children playing with the framing nailer, but the fact is that it facilitates and shortens the job and turns it into a pleasure. I found excellent framing nailers here: http://framingnailerreport.com/

Recycling of old wooden shutters

Old wooden shutters can also be used in various e purposes. Attach them to the wall. Among their slots put letters or newspapers. You do not read the newspapers? Then add a small shelf and put a vase with flowers, or another decor. If you have two shutters, you can easily make the angular bookshelf. You just have to attach shutters to the wall and to put appropriate boards between slots. I have always been crazy about those characteristic wooden doors in cowboy bars. If you have old shutters and enough space, you can make one cowboy bar in your home. Simply use them as a door.

Recycling old stuff is a great hobby that forces you to look at things in a different way. They are not a waste. You need a little effort and creativity to see them as a new thing.

Photography around the House

Photography around the HouseSelling a house is something I hope I never have to go through. I already get enough of a headache from taking pictures for others with their own homes to sell. It’s an important part of the process to be sure, and I do well at it too, but that doesn’t mean it’s a job without some nonsense. I think it could be so stressful because the people selling the homes are stressing themselves, trying to find a buyer for their building in a market which is sometimes good, sometimes bad. I keep doing it because the pay is good, but it occurs to me that some of my clients could have taken their own pictures just as well.

Now I’m not selling myself short here. I know the value of a skilled photographer, being one who sells those same skills all the time myself. But just consider the average home for a moment. You’ve got a building with a single floor, a bathroom, a kitchen, a couple bedrooms, maybe a living room or a dining room, and that’s it. You might have a basement if you live in a place prone to tornados or get it installed specially. You might have an attic for storage space. We’re talking about fewer than a dozen rooms in total, along with some shots from the exterior of the home.

Even taking several pictures for each of these rooms along with the four sides of the home from the exterior, it only takes a couple hours to get all the pictures I need. Unless of course there are extras, like a pool or outdoor fish pond or giant aquarium with canister filter (yes, I had experience to see that!), any unique features that would really make the home stand out and attract more attention from the market. These should almost always be photographed and worked into the advertisement for the home in some way.

While it’s true that practically anyone could take these pictures, I don’t just take pictures. After sorting through the rough shots and selecting their favorite for each room and angle, I go through each client’s selections and touch up all of the photos they’ve chosen. This way they get to see all the work up front and pick the images they like the best, and I get to improve the contrast, work out any artifacts or lens flares, even out the toning and otherwise make those selections into professional quality work. That’s the part people actually pay me for, I think.

I still maintain that not every job like this which I’ve done necessarily needed me to do it. I’d feel bad if it made up a larger part of my income but since I don’t take pictures of homes for sale too often, I try not to worry about it very much. Also, it’s a lot easier than some of the other photography I’ve done – like nature shots and trying to catch animals right at the moment they decide to finally do something. That’s the kind of work that makes me stressful.