Maybe you do not know this about boxing

Maybe you do not know this about boxingI was not familiar with boxing until I started to deal with freelancing. Then texts and photographs show me many things around me and brighten them in an entirely different light. So, I found out a lot about boxing. I knew that boxing is a tough sport that can sometimes be dangerous. I’ve learned some of these things quite accidentally. Did you know these facts about boxing?

The purpose of boxing gloves is to reinforce kicks. Before the boxing gloves were invented, men fought with their bare hands. Today it would look like an ordinary fight. The boxing gloves are what makes this sport recognizable. Bulky, padded gloves give the impression that they are intended to soften blows – as the struggle with mini pillows. In fact, their purpose is quite different. They should enhance the kick and speed up the process of knockout.

Boxing is successfully mixed with other sports. In this way is , for example, originated Piloxing – as a form of recreation that involves a combination of dance, Pilates, and boxing. There is also Chessboxing, sports discipline that combines chess and boxing match. Players are boxing with each other and playing chess alternately. The winner is the first one that makes a final impact – either in boxing or in the chess field. After all, boxing traces can be found in every serious gym, where workouts on the punching bag are an indispensable part of the training. All information about punching bag can be found here:

Boxing is banned in many countries. Blows to the head are very dangerous. Even the great boxing star Sugar Ray Robinson killed his opponent Doyle in the ring 1947. In some way, he predicted that. There is a story that he dreamed this outcome of the match. Such cases are the reason why boxing is banned in Iceland, Iran and North Korea, and relatively recently legalized in Sweden (2007) and Norway (2014).

The man has boxed against bears. As I said, boxing is interesting in combination with other sports, but also in combination with interesting opponents. Thus, in history, twice time had been held matches against bears. The first was in 1937, another 12 years later. Although bears did not go through harsh training, mother nature gave them the talent. Clearly, the bear won both times.

Boxing is actually called pugilism, which means a fight with fists. Yet the name boxing, which is used, is more beautiful and easier. The purpose behind each name is the same – to hit an opponent with the fist and knock him down.

Boxing has 17 categories, based on the weight of the player. That is why boxers are measured before the match. Small deviations can contribute that a boxer does not fall into the same category as his opponent. The weakest category is the mini flyweight, whose fighters are at 105 pounds (about 47 kg).

Being a boxer does not mean to be huge and strong. It is enough to be quick, trained and resourceful. There is a category for everyone. Of course, I’m talking about people. I am not sure which category includes bears and whether they are measured before the match.