How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And Shutters

How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And ShuttersWe all know that the wooden doors and windows on the house becoming less used, especially as an external. They are replaced with the aluminum or PVC windows and doors. I’m not going to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other. My intention is to show you how it is possible to convert old thing in something new. If you decided to replace the old wooden doors or to remove old shutters, do not just throw them away. Use them for other purposes.

Recycling of wooden doors

The door is a large flat wooden surface, which you can use in several ways, without a lot of skills. The easiest way to recycle them is to make a headboard for your bed. You only need to paint them and attach them to the wall behind your bed. It is also quite easy to create a table from old wooden doors. You already have a table surface. You just have to make and attach 4 legs. Also, very easily and without much skill, you can make a coat rack for your entrance hall. Attach the door to the wall, add a mirror, a few hooks and one shelf for hats or umbrellas.

Since I like to spend my free time outside the house, it is quite logical that the external decorations of old doors attracted my attention. From the old door, you can create great hanging swing for the terrace. You just have to pin it with some solid chains and eventually get some good pillows. Enjoyment is guaranteed! If you do not have a terrace, you can enjoy on a bench in the courtyard which you can easily make from the old wooden doors.

True, all this sounds easy until you start to make, paint, cut and put the parts together. Then you realize that it’s not that simple. Good tools can make every job easier. I have to admit that with one great framing mailer this kind of work is a child’s play. Ok, it’s not that I would recommend children playing with the framing nailer, but the fact is that it facilitates and shortens the job and turns it into a pleasure. I found excellent framing nailers here:

Recycling of old wooden shutters

Old wooden shutters can also be used in various e purposes. Attach them to the wall. Among their slots put letters or newspapers. You do not read the newspapers? Then add a small shelf and put a vase with flowers, or another decor. If you have two shutters, you can easily make the angular bookshelf. You just have to attach shutters to the wall and to put appropriate boards between slots. I have always been crazy about those characteristic wooden doors in cowboy bars. If you have old shutters and enough space, you can make one cowboy bar in your home. Simply use them as a door.

Recycling old stuff is a great hobby that forces you to look at things in a different way. They are not a waste. You need a little effort and creativity to see them as a new thing.