6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Indoors

Photograph of a cute catYou know how much I love cats. I even built a wooden cat house for Tom. For this DIY project, I found the oscillating tool very useful especially for cutting through wood. Find out more about this power tool by reading through this review site – Oscillating Tools Depot.

I’ve heard some regrettable stories about cats roaming outside: being run into by vehicles or contract infections and diseases or simply getting lost. I was afraid this would happen to Tom, so I decided to keep him confined indoors.

The first few weeks of keeping him indoors were difficult. He seemed bored, unruly and defiant. It seems my pet wanted to explore outside. After consulting a few cat-owner friends and reading through forums, I’ve found a number of helpful tips on how to keep your cats happy, safe and healthy indoors.

Let me share with you some tips I found effective.

  1. Give ‘em lot of toys.

Cats love to play. Make sure there are plenty of toys for your cat such as plastic balls, stuffed mice and other small, inexpensive toys. Playing with toys compensates for the lack of outdoor adventure and exploration, and provides stimulation and exercise.

  1. Play with your cat indoors.

The best way to keep cats indoors is to bond with them. Spend time with your pet at the living room or your bedroom. There are toys that require your interaction and provide plenty of opportunity for you to bond.

  1. Neuter or spay your cat.

In order to keep your cats indoors, spaying or neutering them is an absolute must. This makes cat less territorial, more sociable and reduces their tendency to roam.

  1. Provide privacy.

Cats are territorial creatures and they want to have a defined space. An indoor cat cage in a secluded area means privacy for your cat. Further, you can make your cat feel secured by ensuring that they have a litter box in a secluded area. You can make your own DIY litter box. For this purpose, an oscillating tool is certainly useful. I’ve read a nice review about the Genesis GMT15A oscillating tool here.

  1. Provide a scratching surface.

Unless you want to find your furniture all ripped up, make sure to have scratching surfaces within the private space of your cat. Scratching is a way for cats to do away with tension, stress, and boredom. It is also a form of exercise that keeps their muscles strong. Encourage your cat to use the scratching surface by providing them with treats.

  1. A view of the outdoors.

A large window with clear view of the outdoors gives your cat visual access to the outdoors. Allow your cat to sit beside the window. Visual stimulation minimizes the cat’s anxiety and keeps them less bored. Further, natural light from the sun helps improve their mood.

Contrary to what some people think, keeping your pet cat indoors can have tremendous positive effects on your pet’s happiness and health. It keeps them less exposed to the threats posed by outdoor activity, such as accidents, infections, exposure to harmful substances, fleas and ticks, and more. Use these tips and keep your cats safe!