The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer RebellionIt was time. This writing caper was starting to be my undoing. Sitting on my ass hammering away at the keyboard and doing no exercise was adding inches to my belly and stiffness to my unused muscles. I had always been a very fit guy, playing so many sports that I had to keep a timetable to know what equipment and which uniform to put on before I dashed out the door to play.

As age takes hold of you, then the inclination to do some physical activities just for the sake of keeping fit disappears down the toilet. Older people tend to turn to more Bacchanalian pleasures that involve restaurant menus, recipes and wine lists. Oh, and don’t forget the cheese. I have to admit that I found these pastimes a lot more pleasurable than shopping for sporting equipment.

I don’t ever do things by halves. It’s always full steam ahead, like a bull at a gate. So with trying to get fit, I looked at my options, the things that I thought I might begrudgingly like. Walking? Sure, but to walk off this tummy and get a bit of fitness it meant 20 km a day. Who had time for that? Jogging? Too physical and my football knees would last maybe two days, one of them being at the medical clinic buying a knee bandage. Swimming? Yeah, worth looking at, but not in the winter. Even with a heated pool, you still had to brave the ice cold elements walking to and from the car. And a bathing costume. I would have to buy something that was both modest and stomach covering.

Most people overcome this problem I was having by signing up with the local gym. I checked it out. I met with a personal trainer there and he did a physical check on me. We went through some of the more low impact equipment there, a few weights, some treadmill stuff and specific exercises for my ailing back which sitting and writing weren’t helping. Then he suggested some boxing. I blinked twice and looked at him as if to say “You’re crazy!”

Once he explained it to me, I got a better understanding. He didn’t mean for me to jump into the ring with a wannabe Muhammad Ali, he suggested the punching bag and gave me a website on which I could research some boxing gloves that would suit the exercise. To be honest, the only time I ever wore a set of gloves was when I had a fight in the schoolyard with the local bully. The teacher made us put on gloves and go hell for leather. I remember I won because I landed an early blow to his nose. He was a prolific bleeder. Bad luck for him.

Anyway, I checked out all the equipment I would need, not a lot really, and from this website I picked a set of gloves and started going to the gym. I found hitting the bag a rather cathartic way to release daily frustrations. Who would have thought that?

Staying Healthy While Working At Home

As a freelance copywriter and photographer, I spend much of my time working at home. While I really enjoy the perks and pluses of working at home, there are also a few unique challenges with the nature of my work. I especially find staying healthy and fit as the most challenging part for work-at-home people. There is the constant battle against procrastination; the need to stay focused at all times; and the temptation to binge on anything in your fully-stocked fridge. So, I’ve written some notes on how to stay fit while working at home.

  1. Choose a chair to work on.

One of the best benefits of working at home is that you can choose when and where to work. You can work in the kitchen, in bed, at a desk, or pretty much anywhere. Most of the time, your work would require you to sit for long hours. While some suggest that you choose a comfortable chair, I would recommend choosing a less comfortable one so that you would be required to stand up and move around every now and then. You want to avoid sitting for long hours. Perhaps, you might want to consider investing in a standing desk or in a treadmill desk – that’ll keep you moving at work!

  1. Use a timer for work.

If you aren’t keen with using a standing desk or a treadmill, a timer would certainly be helpful. Set your timer so that you have to stand up and walk at least every hour. You’re probably aware that sitting for long hours is bad for your health. You can set an automatic timer on your phone or computer. Every time the alarm sounds, stand up and move around for at least five minutes. You can also do simple exercise such stretching, jumping jacks, yoga poses, walking, or better a fun way is to use a trampoline like the ones on this site. Your goal is to sit less and move more.

  1. Don’t overwork.

Having no official time of work is both good and bad. While you won’t ever be late for work, there’s the temptation to overwork. You can start your workday early, continue through lunch and keep working till the sun is down. While it’s okay, every now and then, working beyond capacity very often can take toll on your health. Set boundaries such as no work after sundown or weekend.

  1. Develop a healthy routine.

It is important to create a productive and healthy routine. Try waking up early and prepare for work (perhaps a quick exercise in the morning, do personal hygiene, and dress up) as if you are going to the office. Log your working hours to avoid working beyond your limits.

  1. Stuff your kitchen with healthy foods.

When working at home, there will always be the constant temptation to devour anything inside the fridge. While you don’t want kitchen trips to be taking too much of your day, you can stuff your fridge and stove with fresh, healthy foods. This way you are not constrained to consume unhealthy food.

Maybe you do not know this about boxing

Maybe you do not know this about boxingI was not familiar with boxing until I started to deal with freelancing. Then texts and photographs show me many things around me and brighten them in an entirely different light. So, I found out a lot about boxing. I knew that boxing is a tough sport that can sometimes be dangerous. I’ve learned some of these things quite accidentally. Did you know these facts about boxing?

The purpose of boxing gloves is to reinforce kicks. Before the boxing gloves were invented, men fought with their bare hands. Today it would look like an ordinary fight. The boxing gloves are what makes this sport recognizable. Bulky, padded gloves give the impression that they are intended to soften blows – as the struggle with mini pillows. In fact, their purpose is quite different. They should enhance the kick and speed up the process of knockout.

Boxing is successfully mixed with other sports. In this way is , for example, originated Piloxing – as a form of recreation that involves a combination of dance, Pilates, and boxing. There is also Chessboxing, sports discipline that combines chess and boxing match. Players are boxing with each other and playing chess alternately. The winner is the first one that makes a final impact – either in boxing or in the chess field. After all, boxing traces can be found in every serious gym, where workouts on the punching bag are an indispensable part of the training. All information about punching bag can be found here:

Boxing is banned in many countries. Blows to the head are very dangerous. Even the great boxing star Sugar Ray Robinson killed his opponent Doyle in the ring 1947. In some way, he predicted that. There is a story that he dreamed this outcome of the match. Such cases are the reason why boxing is banned in Iceland, Iran and North Korea, and relatively recently legalized in Sweden (2007) and Norway (2014).

The man has boxed against bears. As I said, boxing is interesting in combination with other sports, but also in combination with interesting opponents. Thus, in history, twice time had been held matches against bears. The first was in 1937, another 12 years later. Although bears did not go through harsh training, mother nature gave them the talent. Clearly, the bear won both times.

Boxing is actually called pugilism, which means a fight with fists. Yet the name boxing, which is used, is more beautiful and easier. The purpose behind each name is the same – to hit an opponent with the fist and knock him down.

Boxing has 17 categories, based on the weight of the player. That is why boxers are measured before the match. Small deviations can contribute that a boxer does not fall into the same category as his opponent. The weakest category is the mini flyweight, whose fighters are at 105 pounds (about 47 kg).

Being a boxer does not mean to be huge and strong. It is enough to be quick, trained and resourceful. There is a category for everyone. Of course, I’m talking about people. I am not sure which category includes bears and whether they are measured before the match.

No sport should hurt any one

No sport should hurt any oneEveryone wants to live a happy and prosperous life. Everybody wants to be secure and progressive with their lives. Life is a beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon us and we must all respect and honor the lives of us and those who are around us irrespective of the fact whether we know them or not. Even we must respect and honor the live and dignity of the nature and its creatures. Nature is the mother to all. So every living creature is its child and so we must stand guard and protect its sons and daughters instead of killing and destroying them brutally.

Hunting has been proved to be a good sport for a long time now. Centuries have passed since man first started hunting. Initially, the hunt was to acquire food and it was essential for the survival of the species of the human beings. This did not harm the eco system as this was a part of the cyclic events that the nature had designed for us. This was all part of the environment. But problems started popping up when man started to gain fun out of its act of hunting. Essential necessity turned into passion. Passion gave way for more and more hunting which resulted in killing of animals beyond what was needed by the humans to consume. This passion was turned into luxury later on. Kings and lords went for hunting just to have fun. Their killing of innocent animals was a way to portray their might to the world and tell the world about their glory.

Killing for fun is truly a very gruesome deed. It is a shame on the face of humanity and we must do whatever it needs to stop such actions taken by people. Campaigns are on from every part of the world regarding this and we all should participate in such programs as per the way it suits us best. But we must take some firm steps. Time has come to keep those killing machines, those guns away from the reach of the hunters. We must wake up and respond to the call of keeping those guns back in the gun safe. Know more by clicking here.

In today’s world there are a lot of things and a huge number of options one can choose from to spend his or her time. We now have so many options to choose from for entertaining ourselves and we must find our way to recreation through them.

Killing any kind of organism it an act of cruelty. Even the trees should be cut scientifically and rationally using technology. Cutting trees can bring a whole lot of natural disaster and upset the balance of nature. Nature maintains a fine and delicate balance and we must take steps to keep it intact and not harm it in any way. Sustainable development is what we need now for a progressive and safe future. Our futures are in our own hands and we must do whatever it takes to safe guard it for our next generation.

How to Photograph Moving Bikes

How to Photograph Moving BikesI’ve recently been to a motorbike event and that’s where I faced a real photography challenge. It’s a good thing I took my time to prepare and packed all the gear I needed to make some really good shots of moving vehicles. Otherwise, I would have come home with nothing but a bunch of blurry pictures and a distinct feeling of disappointment.

Equipment is the key to success when it comes both to bike-riding and bike-photographing. I’ve been really amazed seeing so many incredibly skilled and daring people who ride their beautiful vehicles at breakneck speeds. What impressed me the most was the amount of courage it takes to do this as there is so very little that protects the rider’s body in case of an accident.

The only “real” protection that a motorcyclist has is the helmet. Doesn’t sound like much, right? I actually did some research into the subject and found out that motorcycle helmets today are works of art. They can really make a difference in case of a fall, and there is a great variety of them available. Just click here if you want to learn why a helmet can save a rider’s life and how many types of them exist.

I believe that motorcyclists definitely are awe-inspiring people and they deserve the best photographs. Making these shots is hard, but I did manage to succeed and today I’d like to share some tips with those of you who want to try photographing moving bikes.

  1. Get the right tools.
    To get good shots from a motorbike event you’ll need your favorite digital or film SLR camera. Digital compact cameras won’t do for this kind of photography as their shutter lag makes it impossible to take a good shot of a fast-moving object. You’ll need a camera that reacts the instant you press the shutter button. As you are unlikely to get a chance to stand really close to the track, you’ll have to take a 300mm (or even longer) telephoto lens as well as a tripod. The latter is necessary as you’ll have to wait for quite a bit to take your shots, so your hands are sure to grow heavy.
  2. Get into a good position.
    Find yourself a spot at some slow corner of the track. Bikes will be leaning beautifully here, so you will definitely get a few amazing shots.
  3. Set the focus.
    An autofocus feature becomes a hindrance when you are trying to photograph something as fast as a moving bike. So, switch to manual, set the focus on the best spot on the track and lock it. I suggest the apex of the bend as the perfect focus spot.
  4. Experiment with shutter speed.
    You’ll need to set a fast shutter speed when photographing motorbikes, but how fast is for you to decide. Experiment a bit starting with 1/500th of a second and find your perfect pace.
  5. Use burst mode.
    Motorbike racing photography is as much about luck as it is about skill, and burst mode will definitely up your chances capture the best picture.

New And Exciting Ways To Get Fit

New And Exciting Ways To Get FitAs in any other field, the fitness industry too has seen quite a lot of changes in 2014. During one of my photography sessions of a newly opened gym, I got to talk to the owner about the new equipment and methods that have been introduced. He told me about a great many new additions and methods which are not only new and exciting to try out, but are also very effective.

From Cross Fit to using trampolines there are several popular workouts that have emerged as a result of the sophisticated technological advancements present today. These new forms of workouts make your sessions interesting and chase away the boredom.

Movement for fitness

Moving athletically and without any restriction has become the most chanted buzzword in fitness now. The more effectively you move the more are your chances of losing fat, building muscle and improving cardio and flexibility. Though all types of exercises deal with movements, people have not practiced the right way to move. Sitting for long hours in front of a computer can lead to bad posture, muscle imbalance and therefore bad form, when doing the exercises.  This makes the workouts ineffective and worse, you can even injure yourself by the wrong moves. The movement focused workouts are already being used with success in the adventure races and mud runs. The basic level of such workouts include tree climbing, carrying logs and bear crawls, which help in building stamina, mobility and strength.

Individual Group training

Gone are the days of boot camp and the latest trend in training is individual group sessions that targets hybrid fitness regimens. The drawback in boot camps is they advocate a one size fits everyone method which does not allow clients to reach their fitness objectives. The new method allows individuals to work on their weaknesses, while training with others.

Online fitness training

While getting a personal trainer is a common thing, it involves the trainer to be near you and is also an expensive way to train. To avoid this I use my power racks to get my routine exercise schedule done effectively. The latest alternative to a personal trainer is using a digital trainer. Access to both nutrition and training is easy and the trainers online are certified and approved trainers. You get an effective training form the informative classes and which also include creation of behavioral change. This has resulted in a sustained weight loss and a better perception of one’s body. The expense is also very much reduced, when compared to the cost of hiring a personal trainer. There are also discounts for referral and other promotional offers.

There are several other new forms that are trending now, which are directed at motivating the young and old generation to exercise more and get the benefits. There are some highly entertaining trends like stand up desk exercises, which were devised to prevent the increased risk of mortality in persons who do nothing, but sit for long periods of time daily. Leaving the desk and taking a stroll now and then is suggested to alleviate the risk factor.

My Acquaintance with Longboarding

My Acquaintance with LongboardingI love taking pictures. I take pictures of everything. Buildings, cars, families, and of course, nature. One day, as I was doing my usual scouting of what photos I wanted to take next, a sudden idea popped in my head. I decided to go to the nearby skate park. I remember seeing some skateboarders doing some cool moves and I thought a couple of stills would look good. While I was snapping some pics, I heard someone call my name.

“John! Dude, it’s me!” It was my friend Matt! This isn’t the same Matt who helped me with my Crossfit; this is the one I went to high school with. He was a big skateboarding enthusiast who used to get in trouble for skating in the school’s parking lot and scraping the curbs. After high school, he started to do some competitions and got the chance to make it to the pros. Who knew all of that mischief paid off? “Matty! I almost didn’t recognize you with that scruffy beard you got there. How ya doin’, man? Long time, no see!” I said to him.

“No kidding! Hey, check out the gift my girl got me.” I examined closely–it wasn’t another one of his skateboards. No way, it looked way too long. “Um, is that a skateboard fit for a 7 foot tall man?” I joked. “Naw man,” he responded. “This is called a longboard. It’s like the skateboard’s cousin, only it’s longer and not as thick. Let me show you what this baby can do!”

Matt started to do sharp turns on the board around the skate park and skated back towards me. “Man, this thing is awesome!” Matt said. “Yeah, man! I want to learn more about longboarding.” “Sure thing, man” he responded. Matt told me to visit this website where it talks about the basics and gives loads of longboard reviews.

So, I went home and started to google up on my laptop about riding the longboard. I learned there are two riding stances: regular and goofy. The regular stance is when the left foot is forward on the board. Goofy is when the right foot is forward on the board. Once you find your stance preference, you stand on the long board on an even surface like a smooth parking lot. It’s to make sure how comfortable you are. While the front foot is on the board, you take the back foot and gently push off a few times until getting a good speed.

I decided to read the website and learn more for a couple of hours. I was so immersed in the subject, that I decided to watch some videos. My friend Matt told me what his video channel handle was, and I looked at some of the cool moves. He even pushed with his front foot, called “pushing Mongo,” even though most longboard riders simply use the back foot. This has inspired me to looking into longboarding. I hope to be as good as Matt… or at least, close enough.

My Crossfit Training Try-Out

My Crossfit Training Try-OutI try to workout as much as possible, but as a freelance copywriter and photographer, it is difficult to create a workout schedule. A workout schedule, that I can realistically follow. I’m just an average American guy who likes to watch videos and pull pranks when my friends are over. Now, I think it is time to be serious with myself; I need to be committed to my health and to learn how to stay active. One day, I was surfing online and saw Crossfit. “What is that? I have never heard of this,” I thought. I clicked on the fitness website link and started reading. As I kept reading, it has made me want to challenge myself. My thought was: if other people can do it, then so can I! So, I’m going to talk to you all about my one-day Crossfit training challenge.

I started my extreme crossfit practice about a week ago. At first I was nervous, but I told myself to stay focused. As a beginner, I had to figure out my “WOD”. A “WOD” is just an acronym for “Workout of the Day.” Crossfit is an amalgamation of strength and conditioning in a single program. There is a wide variety of workouts to choose from. The one I opted for was called “Helen.”

Before I started, I wore my shorts, gray athletic t-shirt, and a pair of Crossfit shoes. Visit this website to find plenty of information about Crossfit. Now, Helen can be scaled to your fitness level. My level is quite high, but since I am a novice in Crossfit, I decided to take it easy, so to speak. I decided to do two rounds of a 200-meter run, 10 kettle bell swings, and some band-assisted pull-ups. I could not do this all by myself, so I asked a friend of mine who is familiar with the Crossfit program to help.

My Crossfit Training Try-OutThe cardio part of Helen was intense! I almost felt like giving up, but my friend Matt kept pushing me! We worked out at this indoor track at his gym he drove us to. Sweat beads tricked down my cheeks and my gray shirt was drenched as if it had been raining that day…It wasn’t! Matt has to really push me during my second round, but luckily, the gym was playing some heavy metal and I was pushing to the limit!

After I finished my break and brief talk with my friend, we went into kettle bell swings. I did 10 of them with 10 pound kettle bells. They were easier than expected, but I still worked up a sweat doing it. Afterwards, I finished with some pull-ups. They were assisted with some bands, which added resistance.

After showering and eating a post-workout snack, I thought about the most intense and most fun workout I have ever did. The next day, I called my friend Matt and thanked him again for helping me, and let him know how sore I was. He asked me if I was game for another workout today. I told him I was ready for round two!