Awesome Photography Tips and Tricks Around the Net

Awesome Photography Tips and Tricks Around the NetPhotography isn’t just a hobby, it is art. I personally like several different types of photography. All of them make me happy on unique way. However, photography is complicated art. There are many rules, techniques and secrets you should know before making your own, professional photos. Luckily, I found a lot of tutorials that can help you. I know, because they helped me. Here are the best tutorials I found over the years. I tried all of them and I can say, they are very efficient.

  1. A perfect black and white photo

This type of photography may look obsolete, but these photos are classic and they look like masterpieces. The first tip, you should know is that you should take photo in RAW. Making a JPEG black and white photography is possible, but there are a lot of drawbacks. If your camera doesn’t support RAW, take a color photo. Then, you can make corrections on your computer. The last tip, shoot with low ISO. In fact, the lowest is the best.

  1. Making high-speed photos

High-speed photos are special, due to the fact they show a frozen moment of some action. As you can imagine, it is hard to make this type of photo. The first thing you have to know is that shutter speed must be around 1/500 seconds in order to make this type of photo. Also, the goal is to make a photo without blur, so practice until the photos are blur-free. A good thing is that you can use sequence mode. A lot of cameras have this mode. It is used to make several photos in a very short time, so you will get at least one photo of some action that looks like it is frozen in time.

  1. Moving objects photography

Taking photos of moving objects is usually linked to sports. In order to make a photo like this, you must set up the shutter speed. Sadly, there is no answer on the question, what is the ideal shutter speed. You should experiment and see which settings can capture the most movement blur. These photos include camera movement or object movement. In both cases, a camera must be secured or you will end up with a photo that looks bad.

  1. Taking photos at night

Taking photos at night means that you must know the secret of mixed light. For example, when you are taking a photo of a city, it is recommended to find a place where you can see a lot of building lights. When you are taking a photo of a cave, use flash. The main goal is to have a proper amount of light, so it doesn’t illuminate the photo too much, but it isn’t too dark as well.

  1. Macro photography

This type of photography included taking photos of small things, so they must be enlarged, obviously. For the best photo, you should use reflex camera with a single lens. You will have to use macro lenses as well. When you have this, you can find something you want to photograph it and experiment. Pay attention to the macro lenses, because there are a lot of bad ones.

  1. Wilderness photography

When taking photos of wildlife, tips are more than useful. For example, for the best photos, you should take use early morning or afternoon hours. These are known as golden hours. Making a photo in between, will cause poor quality due to the fact the light is too strong and you cannot make a smooth photo. When taking a photo, use wider angle. It gives an idea to viewers on where the photo was taken. On the other side, when you want to focus on just one detail, don’t use this tip. This type of photography also includes movement, so you should take as more photos as you can. This also means that you are going to need a lot of internal storage.

  1. Taking a panorama photo

A panorama photo represents one photo that was made from several photos. The most important tip is to put your camera into the manual mode. This will make sure all photos have the same depth and exposure. Also, using a polarizing filter isn’t recommended, because it can change the colors on some photos, so stitching of the photos will be almost impossible. A 50mm focal lens is the best choice. You will capture more details, but you will have to take more photos.

  1. House photography

With the house photography, you must pay attention to the angle and background. In most cases, you have two choices, so try both of them. Make sure your photo has the best background possible. Maybe it sounds weird, but this type of photography requires clouds. Taking a photo on a cloudy day means that the light will be even. In addition, use RAW. You can setup white balance and make a house look better. This is trick all real estate agents use.

  1. Smoke photos

Smoke photography is the most interesting type of photography, at least for me. It is completely different and unknown type. A lot of photographs doesn’t even know how to take these photos. The secret is in incense sticks. They are cheap, but they can make smoke for a long time. In addition, they even smell nice. You can make adjustments any time you want and there is no need to rush. So, all you need to do is to use incense sticks and create some shape from smoke.

  1. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Making HDR photos require special software. You can use Aurora HDR Pro, if you are a Mac user or Trey’s Photomatix Presets, for Windows users. This type of photography includes HD photos that capture almost all sources of light and details. These are photos that look like they were taken in the future. For most people, they are precious. The main goal of these photos is to provide the same feel of some place as when you were there. The best tip I can give you is to put your camera in the Aperture Priority mode before taking photos. The rest is easy, just use the software.

Colors and Your Photos: An Absolute Read for All Photographers

Colors and Your Photos: An Absolute Read for All PhotographersPerhaps, you know how colors help create the mood of your photos. You don’t need advanced photography lessons or experience to know the impact of colors on photos.

When I was just starting out in photography, effective use and composition of colors in images was among the first things I had to learn. I realized how powerful colors can be when I had my room re-painted. Using an air compressor (visit for more details about air compressors for painting), the dull white walls were painted with bright yellow. The change in color gave my room a lively, refreshing vibe.

Colors are a universal language. They are a powerful element in life as well as in photography. They can evoke feelings and mood that ultimately impact its audience, whether they will love the photo or hate it altogether. And in order to use colors well in your photography projects, it would help to know what emotions each color evokes or means.

  1. Red

Feelings of warmth, passion and love are widely attributed to red. It also creates a sense of fierce and regalia. When used in contrast with white, red creates a major contrast but with a touch of grace.

  1. Orange

The color of sunset, orange gives warmth and enthusiasm to your photos. Our eyes are instinctively drawn to orange being one of the best hues of nature, especially seen as the sun sets.

  1. Yellow

Yellow comes in different tones and hues, and each of this gradient can evoke a totally different emotion. Light yellow creates a refreshing mood, but excessively bright or deep tone will leave you irritated. Saturating your photos with yellow also has a tiring effect. As such, yellow should be used only as down-tone.

  1. Green

The color of nature, green brings in life and tranquility to your photos. Perhaps, you’ve seen how pro photographers effectively use green in food photography. Yellow and green seem to contrast each other well as these colors evoke completely opposite mood. Use these two colors in equal proportions on your photographs and see how it gives it a lasting impact.

  1. Blue

Blue is the color of sky and it signifies hope and calmness, but some tones can evoke sadness. You’ve probably heard about some ‘feeling blue’. It is best paired with black to create a powerful and formal appeal.

  1. Black

Different people attach different meanings and emotions to black. In photography, black can be interpreted as either an amalgam of all the colors or the lack of it. Be extra careful when using black in your photographs lest you turn-off your audience. This color is also considered the ‘most formal’ of all colors. Highlight black if you want to convey serious sentiments.

  1. White

Give your photos soft and light emotions by maximizing white and other light tones, especially pink. These very light colors bring a sense of serenity and space. It adds depth to your photos. White contrasts perfectly with most other warm colors, but most especially with green.

Let your photographs reflect the emotions you want. Use the right colors, shades and contrast, and be amazed at how evocative your photographs can be!

An Absolute Read for All Photographers

6 Photography Tips for Shooting Interiors Like a Pro

6 Photography Tips for Shooting Interiors Like a ProI was recently invited to do the photo shoot for a freshly renovated restaurant. The 80s-inspired diner has an interesting vintage design. The designer and its contractor did a perfect job. The unique and intricate detailing left me awe-struck. I wonder what tools they used for this project, I’m sure they must’ve used a reciprocating saw (much like the ones found at this website) for achieving with precision, the odd-shaped wooden custom details. With such an impeccably designed space, I’m sure I can take some incredible stills.

Having done a number of interior photography projects for different clients (mostly in the interior design and real estate industry), I understand just how important excellent interior photography is for businesses. And regardless of the industry you’re business is in (such as interior design, hospitality, restaurant, healthcare, corporate,) gorgeous photographs of indoor spaces are essential in your marketing efforts. They catch the attention of audiences and entice them to choose your service.

For freelance photographers out there, here I’ve compiled a number of tips learned from some pro photographers:

  1. Picking the best perspective

Indoor spaces will look differently when viewed from a different corner. Make sure step back, try taking stills from all corners, and see which perspective captures the indoor space at its best.

  1. Use proper lighting

You want the photo to look balanced without under-lit or over-lit spots. As much as possible, you want to use available lighting to make the photos look more genuine. Maximize the natural soft light that enters from the window. It is best to shoot late afternoon or early morning.

This video explains a little more:

  1. Wide shot

A wide angle shot allows you to capture as much of the space. To achieve a wide shot, you may need to use a lens anywhere from 16mm to 24mm. However, avoid going too wide as it can also distort the perspective.

  1. Avoid blurring

Your indoor photos must look sharp and free of blurring. Use a tripod or other stabilizing measure to make sure that the shot is untainted by any unwanted movements.

  1. Stage the space, but not too much

Make sure the photos make the indoor space look organized. If you want the space to have a certain vibe, you may need to add accessories or details. You may also need to rearrange furniture or move them around. Of course, you have to remove clutter. If the space is just newly renovated, make sure to take out unwanted items; any power tool such as a cordless reciprocating saw is included.

  1. Be versatile

Photography TipsEvery indoor space will have its unique features as well as unique purpose. Be creative and be ready to experiment. With every shoot, be mindful about what the photo is meant for or what it “sells”.

Most important of all, keep taking photos – more than you think you need. You’ll appreciate having plenty of options to choose from later on.

How to Photograph Moving Bikes

How to Photograph Moving BikesI’ve recently been to a motorbike event and that’s where I faced a real photography challenge. It’s a good thing I took my time to prepare and packed all the gear I needed to make some really good shots of moving vehicles. Otherwise, I would have come home with nothing but a bunch of blurry pictures and a distinct feeling of disappointment.

Equipment is the key to success when it comes both to bike-riding and bike-photographing. I’ve been really amazed seeing so many incredibly skilled and daring people who ride their beautiful vehicles at breakneck speeds. What impressed me the most was the amount of courage it takes to do this as there is so very little that protects the rider’s body in case of an accident.

The only “real” protection that a motorcyclist has is the helmet. Doesn’t sound like much, right? I actually did some research into the subject and found out that motorcycle helmets today are works of art. They can really make a difference in case of a fall, and there is a great variety of them available. Just click here if you want to learn why a helmet can save a rider’s life and how many types of them exist.

I believe that motorcyclists definitely are awe-inspiring people and they deserve the best photographs. Making these shots is hard, but I did manage to succeed and today I’d like to share some tips with those of you who want to try photographing moving bikes.

  1. Get the right tools.
    To get good shots from a motorbike event you’ll need your favorite digital or film SLR camera. Digital compact cameras won’t do for this kind of photography as their shutter lag makes it impossible to take a good shot of a fast-moving object. You’ll need a camera that reacts the instant you press the shutter button. As you are unlikely to get a chance to stand really close to the track, you’ll have to take a 300mm (or even longer) telephoto lens as well as a tripod. The latter is necessary as you’ll have to wait for quite a bit to take your shots, so your hands are sure to grow heavy.
  2. Get into a good position.
    Find yourself a spot at some slow corner of the track. Bikes will be leaning beautifully here, so you will definitely get a few amazing shots.
  3. Set the focus.
    An autofocus feature becomes a hindrance when you are trying to photograph something as fast as a moving bike. So, switch to manual, set the focus on the best spot on the track and lock it. I suggest the apex of the bend as the perfect focus spot.
  4. Experiment with shutter speed.
    You’ll need to set a fast shutter speed when photographing motorbikes, but how fast is for you to decide. Experiment a bit starting with 1/500th of a second and find your perfect pace.
  5. Use burst mode.
    Motorbike racing photography is as much about luck as it is about skill, and burst mode will definitely up your chances capture the best picture.

How To Throw A Great Party

How To Throw A Great PartyHey guys I know you have been waiting to hear about what I want to talk about next and after much deliberation, it occurred to me that I should discuss something that would be relevant to all those who read it. I figured that I should look for a topic that everyone could relate to no matter their age, although in this case when I say no matter their age I should probably note that I am mostly concerned with those of legal age. The younger people can still be included in the topic however as I’m sure that they have considered it too and I am quite sure a couple of rogue teens with their parents out of town have considered the concept every now and then as well.

However I would not want to be a bad influence and thus I remind these rogue youth that they should probably wait for their folks to get back and ask for their assistance on the matter instead of trying to tackle it one their own. I think that I have built enough suspense for the drum roll to come in as I announce the subject I plan on discussing haven’t I? (the drum roll is an imaginary one. Please do not wait for an actual version). I want to give you guys some great tips on how to throw a great party. There comes a time in most people’s lives when they are faced with daunting task of having to entertain a number of guest in their home and it is essential for one to know the various ways in which they can make that challenge a series of successes to be talked about for years to come.

I wouldn’t just pull food out of the bags that have stored in using my vacuum sealer from Vacuum Sealer Hub and get a couple of beers from the fridge to successfully ensure that a party goes in the right direction. The elements of a party go beyond just what is available for consumption and with this in mind, it is essential for one to take a number of factors into consideration when they are planning on throwing a party. Some of these elements include:

  1. The Number of People in Attendance

This is a very crucial fact as it will determine a lot of things that have to do with the party such as the amount of food and drinks that will be needed as well as the location of a party. If you invite too many people the space where the party is being held might become too cramped thus limiting the amount of fun that people are able to have. It is also very difficult to interact comfortable in tight spaces thus the number of people invited should suit the size of the location.

  1. Personal Preferences

Assuming that you know the people invited to the party on a personal level, it is always good to have the kind of food and drinks that they like. This will help them to enjoy the party on a higher level than would have previously been possible had they had to make due with items that don’t really suit their tastes.

How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And Shutters

How To Recycle Old Wooden Doors And ShuttersWe all know that the wooden doors and windows on the house becoming less used, especially as an external. They are replaced with the aluminum or PVC windows and doors. I’m not going to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other. My intention is to show you how it is possible to convert old thing in something new. If you decided to replace the old wooden doors or to remove old shutters, do not just throw them away. Use them for other purposes.

Recycling of wooden doors

The door is a large flat wooden surface, which you can use in several ways, without a lot of skills. The easiest way to recycle them is to make a headboard for your bed. You only need to paint them and attach them to the wall behind your bed. It is also quite easy to create a table from old wooden doors. You already have a table surface. You just have to make and attach 4 legs. Also, very easily and without much skill, you can make a coat rack for your entrance hall. Attach the door to the wall, add a mirror, a few hooks and one shelf for hats or umbrellas.

Since I like to spend my free time outside the house, it is quite logical that the external decorations of old doors attracted my attention. From the old door, you can create great hanging swing for the terrace. You just have to pin it with some solid chains and eventually get some good pillows. Enjoyment is guaranteed! If you do not have a terrace, you can enjoy on a bench in the courtyard which you can easily make from the old wooden doors.

True, all this sounds easy until you start to make, paint, cut and put the parts together. Then you realize that it’s not that simple. Good tools can make every job easier. I have to admit that with one great framing mailer this kind of work is a child’s play. Ok, it’s not that I would recommend children playing with the framing nailer, but the fact is that it facilitates and shortens the job and turns it into a pleasure. I found excellent framing nailers here:

Recycling of old wooden shutters

Old wooden shutters can also be used in various e purposes. Attach them to the wall. Among their slots put letters or newspapers. You do not read the newspapers? Then add a small shelf and put a vase with flowers, or another decor. If you have two shutters, you can easily make the angular bookshelf. You just have to attach shutters to the wall and to put appropriate boards between slots. I have always been crazy about those characteristic wooden doors in cowboy bars. If you have old shutters and enough space, you can make one cowboy bar in your home. Simply use them as a door.

Recycling old stuff is a great hobby that forces you to look at things in a different way. They are not a waste. You need a little effort and creativity to see them as a new thing.