Keeping Clean with Modern Tech

Keeping Clean with Modern TechI’m one of those guys who obsess over technology – always looking for the next cool gadget or useful doodad that I didn’t know I could live without until I finally saw it for myself. Usually that’s stuff like gaming equipment, or maybe gear for my profession like cameras, word processors, that sort of stuff. Recently I tried something totally new though and I’ve got to say I was pretty impressed with what I got. You probably won’t be able to guess what it was either; this particular item was so far outside my usual scope that it surprised me too. I actually got the idea from my cat, Tom.

I take really good care of my little guy and that means doing things like giving him regular baths, haircuts and even some microdermabrasion. That’s a process by which you scrape away old, dead skin cells from the surface layers so the fresh, live skin underneath can get more exposure to the air. Oxygen is good for skin or so I hear, and this is a great way to help the two make better contact. After scraping what must have been the 20th callus from Tom’s feet, I finally got the idea to try doing it for myself too. No, I didn’t use the same machine for me.

I got some good information from and a few other websites before I purchased my own personal microdermabrasion machine. I decided to really give it a try and be thorough with it, then see if I felt any different. I’m not going to gross any of you out with the gritty details, but I will give one good tip. It helps quite a bit to soak for a while first and let your skin drink up some water to get it softer and make the bits of your body which could use the cleaning the most really pop visually. They will look gross and white and puffy, all thick patches of dead skin.

Keeping Clean with Modern TechAfter scraping away an amount of old skin that was surprisingly large, I could immediately feel a difference. It was like the way you feel after a shower where all your pores have been cleaned up and can finally breathe again, except maybe3 or 4 times better. I felt really clean for the first time in a long time and that actually kind of grossed me out once I started thinking about all the other times in my life I was confident I was clean. I used the ULTRARADIANCE system for my testing.

Modern technology has tools to help us with everything, from performing complicated mathematical processes to simply getting a cleaner body. If you don’t own one of these devices, I would highly recommend getting one for yourself. After reading around about the subject, I’ve found that most problem areas are around joints or in other places where there is a lot of friction, like the soles of the feet. If you’re like me, you’re going to be surprised and maybe even disgusted once you realize you haven’t been as clean as you thought all of this time.

Gadgets You Could Live Without (But Why Would You)

Gadgets You Could Live Without (But Why Would You)As you probably know, I have a thing for technology. My home is swarming with all kinds of gadgets and doodads. Most of them I need for my work or a hobby, but some are just – fun. Here I have compiled for you a list of the top gadgets that you certainly don’t need, but you will find a reason to get them anyway. Sometimes they’re small and inconspicuous, and sometimes huge and bulky (like one of these). Sometimes you don’t use them at all, but you just have to have them for some reason. So here they are:

  1. A wristwatch that counts your steps

Yes, I know these types of watches are great for people who exercise or want to keep an eye on their weight, but for me it’s just fun wearing one around my wrist from time to time and looking at how many steps I made that day.  It also functions as a real watch, as well as a mile counter, and it can be used to count the calories you burn. But then again – how many steps did you take today?

  1. Smart bulb

This is a gadget that’s both cool and useful. I have a smart bulb in my living room that’s connected with my mobile phone. I can control it and make it change colours, and it detects my movements so it powers down when I leave my house. I can also control it with my PC or tablet. I can set it up to turn on at a certain hour (like an alarm clock), and I can make it flash in a certain colour when I get an email or notification. It can also let you know when it’s raining outside, so you don’t have to tire yourself out by looking out the window. It’s really handy – and awesomely cool!

  1. Beer-cap counter

The beer cap counter is a gadget which serves as a bottle opener, and it counts how many bottles have been opened by it. I won’t disclose the number I’m on here, but believe me, when you have this you can come to certain realizations about your drinking habits!

  1. Karaoke machine

I have the most awesome karaoke machine – this one. I absolutely love it, and you’d be surprised how many people love to sing their favourite tune after you get a couple of beers in them (see item above). I really didn’t think a karaoke machine would be the life of all my parties, but it turned out to be precisely that. I got so used to having one around, I’m not sure what my parties would look like without it anymore.

So there you are – the top four gadgets in my home that I could easily live without – but why would I? I highly recommend all of these for all of you who have a few extra bucks and don’t know what to do with them, especially if you want to make your life a bit more fun and interesting.