Awesome Photography Tips and Tricks Around the Net

Awesome Photography Tips and Tricks Around the NetPhotography isn’t just a hobby, it is art. I personally like several different types of photography. All of them make me happy on unique way. However, photography is complicated art. There are many rules, techniques and secrets you should know before making your own, professional photos. Luckily, I found a lot of tutorials that can help you. I know, because they helped me. Here are the best tutorials I found over the years. I tried all of them and I can say, they are very efficient.

  1. A perfect black and white photo

This type of photography may look obsolete, but these photos are classic and they look like masterpieces. The first tip, you should know is that you should take photo in RAW. Making a JPEG black and white photography is possible, but there are a lot of drawbacks. If your camera doesn’t support RAW, take a color photo. Then, you can make corrections on your computer. The last tip, shoot with low ISO. In fact, the lowest is the best.

  1. Making high-speed photos

High-speed photos are special, due to the fact they show a frozen moment of some action. As you can imagine, it is hard to make this type of photo. The first thing you have to know is that shutter speed must be around 1/500 seconds in order to make this type of photo. Also, the goal is to make a photo without blur, so practice until the photos are blur-free. A good thing is that you can use sequence mode. A lot of cameras have this mode. It is used to make several photos in a very short time, so you will get at least one photo of some action that looks like it is frozen in time.

  1. Moving objects photography

Taking photos of moving objects is usually linked to sports. In order to make a photo like this, you must set up the shutter speed. Sadly, there is no answer on the question, what is the ideal shutter speed. You should experiment and see which settings can capture the most movement blur. These photos include camera movement or object movement. In both cases, a camera must be secured or you will end up with a photo that looks bad.

  1. Taking photos at night

Taking photos at night means that you must know the secret of mixed light. For example, when you are taking a photo of a city, it is recommended to find a place where you can see a lot of building lights. When you are taking a photo of a cave, use flash. The main goal is to have a proper amount of light, so it doesn’t illuminate the photo too much, but it isn’t too dark as well.

  1. Macro photography

This type of photography included taking photos of small things, so they must be enlarged, obviously. For the best photo, you should use reflex camera with a single lens. You will have to use macro lenses as well. When you have this, you can find something you want to photograph it and experiment. Pay attention to the macro lenses, because there are a lot of bad ones.

  1. Wilderness photography

When taking photos of wildlife, tips are more than useful. For example, for the best photos, you should take use early morning or afternoon hours. These are known as golden hours. Making a photo in between, will cause poor quality due to the fact the light is too strong and you cannot make a smooth photo. When taking a photo, use wider angle. It gives an idea to viewers on where the photo was taken. On the other side, when you want to focus on just one detail, don’t use this tip. This type of photography also includes movement, so you should take as more photos as you can. This also means that you are going to need a lot of internal storage.

  1. Taking a panorama photo

A panorama photo represents one photo that was made from several photos. The most important tip is to put your camera into the manual mode. This will make sure all photos have the same depth and exposure. Also, using a polarizing filter isn’t recommended, because it can change the colors on some photos, so stitching of the photos will be almost impossible. A 50mm focal lens is the best choice. You will capture more details, but you will have to take more photos.

  1. House photography

With the house photography, you must pay attention to the angle and background. In most cases, you have two choices, so try both of them. Make sure your photo has the best background possible. Maybe it sounds weird, but this type of photography requires clouds. Taking a photo on a cloudy day means that the light will be even. In addition, use RAW. You can setup white balance and make a house look better. This is trick all real estate agents use.

  1. Smoke photos

Smoke photography is the most interesting type of photography, at least for me. It is completely different and unknown type. A lot of photographs doesn’t even know how to take these photos. The secret is in incense sticks. They are cheap, but they can make smoke for a long time. In addition, they even smell nice. You can make adjustments any time you want and there is no need to rush. So, all you need to do is to use incense sticks and create some shape from smoke.

  1. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Making HDR photos require special software. You can use Aurora HDR Pro, if you are a Mac user or Trey’s Photomatix Presets, for Windows users. This type of photography includes HD photos that capture almost all sources of light and details. These are photos that look like they were taken in the future. For most people, they are precious. The main goal of these photos is to provide the same feel of some place as when you were there. The best tip I can give you is to put your camera in the Aperture Priority mode before taking photos. The rest is easy, just use the software.