Advanced Ding Dong Ditch

Advanced Ding Dong DitchDing dong ditch wasn’t even a thing when I was a kid, which wasn’t that long ago. It was really more the kind of game my parents would play with kids their own age decades ago. The game is simple enough – you ring the doorbell on somebody’s house and run as fast as your little legs can carry you before they make it to the door. Getting the same house multiple times led to bigger scores back then, but these days nobody can really take a joke. If you tried something like that now, you might end up getting shot through the front door of such a house by the people living on the other side.

Thinking about how that great pastime has kind of disappeared with the advance of technology and the increase in paranoia in people over the years, I came up with a way that people might still play the same game today. Sure, it’s still a little mean, but it doesn’t hurt anyone; it’s more an annoyance than anything else, don’t you think? My “advanced” version of ding dong ditch still works today, but it can’t be played at just any random house you find. Also, you’ll need to put in some work to make the game possible in the first place.

What you need to do is find a house that uses a wireless door bell. Those little chimes are connected to a receiver which can be anywhere at all inside the house, that’s not the important part. The important part is that you can ring the bell and get people in the house moving, even if you aren’t standing right at the front door when you do it. Portable bells can be detached from homes and carried around, say in your pocket while you go around a nearby corner to get out of sight.

Now, the range on typical wireless doorbells isn’t that great, so you can’t move too far away or else nothing will happen when you press the button. Also, these bells are usually only good for getting the occupants of a home to come to the door a handful of times. Usually by the third time, they realize the bell has disappeared from next to their door and they go disconnect the receiver in their home to stop the nonsense, ending the game. Now comes the really tricky part.

Returning the bell once the game is over can be difficult since the people living in the house will probably be on the lookout for some creep sneaking around after you rile them up with such a game. But you don’t necessarily need to walk right up to the front door again to return the bell. Placing it in a mailbox could be just as effective – that may keep you out of sight and there’s no way they can fail to find the thing if you put it somewhere so conspicuous. Remember, this game is about annoying people, not stealing from them. Fun is fun, but don’t hurt anybody while you’re goofing off.