About Me

alexWhen it comes to versatility, freelance copywriter and photographer Alexander is the embodiment. As a second generation Irish-American, Alexander was exposed to the American culture, and was immersed in pastimes that are favored by many males of his age group in the United States. His pastimes include automobiles, video games, and technology. These are just a few hobbies Alexander loves to learn and do. They are also topics Alexander enjoys writing about.

As a writer, one has to have the ability to widen and write an array of subjects in order to meet the needs of clients. In time, Alexander adjusted to these focuses as well as photography, recent news, and culture. He has allowed himself to broaden his horizons and keep an open mind when it comes to creating something unique and eye-opening. This gave him the grand opportunity to improve his copywriting prowess.

Aside from completing research and working on his projects for clients, Alexander loves to make himself and other people laugh. Humor is definitely in Alexander’s vocabulary. Pulling pranks and watching hilarious videos online are two fun and amusing activities for Alexander, and allows him to be sociable, especially after a long day of writing and taking pictures.

As a successful freelance photographer, Alexander’s work is exceptional. His tools are his camera and eyesight. Alexander uses these man-made and natural utensils to capture various sites, including those related to his favorite things and activities. Homes, buildings, and human beings are some ideas Alexander likes to photograph. When Alexander isn’t hanging out with his friends, copywriting, or developing photos, Alexander likes to spend time with his furry pet feline. He loves feeding his fat cat, Tom. Learn more about Alexander , his pastimes, and his freelance copywriting and photography by reading some of his nonfiction works on this blog. My name is Alexander, and I greet you at my blog website!