Photography as a Lifestyle

Photography as a LifestylePhotography is my life. I have always loved to capture life’s precious moments as I would grip my camera and focus on the details that would leave me in total awe. In case you didn’t know, I have many hobbies. Actually, I like to call them passions since I think about them daily. I remember the adventures I had one summer with a friend of mine—Frank. Frank and I have been buds since junior high. When we entered adulthood, we continued to converse through the miracles of social networking. Frank and I decided to spend some time together enjoying many summer activities.

I wanted to remember these times since Frank and I rarely hung out. I had the idea of taking pictures of our real life events. These were photos I wanted to remember when I’d come across them again in the future. I had the idea of having a picnic and inviting our friends to the event. Frank looked forward to it. As a photography enthusiast, I knew exactly how to take quality pictures. Even when in doubt, I always bring my camera. When a photographer wants to take lifestyle photos, he or she must be prepared at all times. There are several toys that I like, including camera, tripod, and SD card readers. I make sure I have my bag to carry what I need; it is very convenient.

A tip I can give when it comes to taking pictures of everyday life is to be creative. Don’t worry if the action or object you want to take a picture of looks odd to some people. Uniqueness is a great quality to have and it stands out from ordinary photos. No matter how trivial we thought the action or object was at first glance, I would take the snapshot. I took pictures at the picnic we had with our friends. We were eating subs, fresh watermelon, and other goodies and I was telling jokes to the point that Frank had a “laugh attack.” This allowed me to capture moments that built into a true, interesting story to tell friends. [Read more…]

Smooth Ride on Mini S

Smooth Ride on Mini SEverybody and their mothers know I am a car fanatic. It has been this way since I was a kid.  I like comparing wide body versus stock. The same goes with automobile manufacturers comparing Ford and Chevy; it does not matter to me. I keep up with the trends, especially what is coming out this year. Matter of fact, I had the great opportunity to meet up with an old friend of mine who had just purchased the 2014 Mini Cooper S. I don’t like or dislike Coopers, and I had not driven the 2014 automobile until a few weeks ago. I know “advancement in technology” makes our life better, but I was a tad skeptical with this new release. Luckily for me, that skepticism instantly diminished once I hopped in the driver’s seat.

The 2014 Mini Cooper S has a four-cylinder engine and six-speed auto transmission with a maximum speed of 145 miles per hour. The Cooper’s length is 151.1 inches, which is an increase of 4.3 inches. The moment I sat in the almost 2,800-pound vehicle, I felt an instant rush as I changed gears. I took it out for a spin as my friend satnext to me and the drive was smoother than peanut butter. The paddle shifters allowed the experience to be better than expected, especially for shifters that were crafted from plastic. [Read more…]

Big Blue’s Plans for the Next 5 Years

Big Blue’s Plans for the Next 5 YearsI’m what they call a “techie,” an individual who loves to learn and play with new gadgets. Desktops, laptops, iPhones, and other pieces of technology are always updating faster than the speed of light. As time passes, things evolve, and for the most part it is for the better. A new IBM project is surfacing and I am stoked to talk about what I’ve learned so far.

Over $3 billion dollars is being invested over the next five years. IBM’s goal is to make smaller, more packed processors and other tech parts. IBM wants to continue progress in the world of computing and help with development in the next half-decade. A smaller, yet more efficient processor is just what I need for my notebook.

Big Blue, the nickname referring to IBM, wants to create nanometer-sized transistors with more compartmentalized features. The second wish IBM wants to make come true is to find alternatives to the current silicon chip with more durable materials. Introduction of new technologies to manufacturing is IBM’s concern and the company has already planned teams in areas such as Switzerland and New York for new staff to start the work. The research conducted by these teams will be analyzing ways to advance today’s technology. [Read more…]

Rise from Ashes or How I Became Independent

Rise from Ashes or How I Became IndependentI came a long way. Never could I imagine rising from the ashes and stepping onto the platform of doing what I love—doing what I was born to do. I dreamed of being able to write and photograph life’s precious moments ever since I could remember. I have always liked the idea of doing something I could never get bored with while still being my own boss and helping other people. I started at the bottom as I tried to learn how to improve my writing as well as getting people to buy my writings. It wasn’t all roses as I have had to jump hurdles, so to speak.d

When I first started freelance work, I had no idea how to navigate. I asked myself questions such as: “How should I start?” and “Will I manage?” – I was, like walking back and forth, questioning my actions. The very first tip I would give to those who are just starting out is to start freelance work on the side. I was smart enough to start out slow and doing simple writing assignments before I went any deeper.

I had set up my freelancer profile at a responsible and credible website. On the page, I put my picture up as well as a description about my freelance copywriting and photography. I was ecstatic when I found my first client.

She liked a piece I had written on promising technology news. New innovations are always making their debut, and she wanted me to touch on a new phone app and include a few pictures. It was a challenge that at first I thought was very simple, but once I presented the finished product, she thought the work was “good.” What does that mean exactly? Her voice sounded more disappointed than pleased. When she went on my freelancer website, she gave me 2.5 out of 5 stars.

As a novice, I didn’t know how to take criticism. The next few clients after her gave me up to 3 out of 5 stars. People started to not want to recommend me to their co-workers and other businesses. My appetite for improving my ratings and building great relationships between my customers and myself grew as I continued to analyze what I was doing wrong. [Read more…]

Maybe you do not know this about boxing

Maybe you do not know this about boxingI was not familiar with boxing until I started to deal with freelancing. Then texts and photographs show me many things around me and brighten them in an entirely different light. So, I found out a lot about boxing. I knew that boxing is a tough sport that can sometimes be dangerous. I’ve learned some of these things quite accidentally. Did you know these facts about boxing?

The purpose of boxing gloves is to reinforce kicks. Before the boxing gloves were invented, men fought with their bare hands. Today it would look like an ordinary fight. The boxing gloves are what makes this sport recognizable. Bulky, padded gloves give the impression that they are intended to soften blows – as the struggle with mini pillows. In fact, their purpose is quite different. They should enhance the kick and speed up the process of knockout.

Boxing is successfully mixed with other sports. In this way is , for example, originated Piloxing – as a form of recreation that involves a combination of dance, Pilates, and boxing. There is also Chessboxing, sports discipline that combines chess and boxing match. Players are boxing with each other and playing chess alternately. The winner is the first one that makes a final impact – either in boxing or in the chess field. After all, boxing traces can be found in every serious gym, where workouts on the punching bag are an indispensable part of the training. All information about punching bag can be found here:

Boxing is banned in many countries. Blows to the head are very dangerous. Even the great boxing star Sugar Ray Robinson killed his opponent Doyle in the ring 1947. In some way, he predicted that. There is a story that he dreamed this outcome of the match. Such cases are the reason why boxing is banned in Iceland, Iran and North Korea, and relatively recently legalized in Sweden (2007) and Norway (2014).

The man has boxed against bears. As I said, boxing is interesting in combination with other sports, but also in combination with interesting opponents. Thus, in history, twice time had been held matches against bears. The first was in 1937, another 12 years later. Although bears did not go through harsh training, mother nature gave them the talent. Clearly, the bear won both times.

Boxing is actually called pugilism, which means a fight with fists. Yet the name boxing, which is used, is more beautiful and easier. The purpose behind each name is the same – to hit an opponent with the fist and knock him down.

Boxing has 17 categories, based on the weight of the player. That is why boxers are measured before the match. Small deviations can contribute that a boxer does not fall into the same category as his opponent. The weakest category is the mini flyweight, whose fighters are at 105 pounds (about 47 kg).

Being a boxer does not mean to be huge and strong. It is enough to be quick, trained and resourceful. There is a category for everyone. Of course, I’m talking about people. I am not sure which category includes bears and whether they are measured before the match.

Tips On Upgrading Your Car

car-970353_1280Nowadays, cars are so highly developed that you might think it impossible to make any improvements. But your car can definitely look much better and make you feel a lot cooler, so consider customizing it a bit. If you don’t know where to start, I’ll gladly give you some tips on how to start the fun adventure of upgrading your car.

Wider wheels and tires

Tires are some of the basic parts of your car, since not only are they important for driving in bad weather, they also improve road holding and braking. The easiest way to improve your tires is to buy plus size ones. This is not only about making your ride look better, but also about improving your handling capabilities significantly. A larger wheel also provides the space for larger brake discs, which means more break-pad contact surface.


Many rims sellers offer visualization tools, so you can see how they would look on your car. These days upgrading your car with rims is not for enthusiasts only, so you can get them for reasonable prices and make your car look like new again.

LED light bars

Upgrading your car with better lights, like LED light bars, will surely prove to be a worthy investment. Their durability is higher than those of regular headlights. They only need a small bit of electricity to work and because of that they hardly produce enough heat, so it is safe to put them on your car and use in times of low visibility. One of the best characteristics of these lights is their ability to illuminate a much wider area than normal headlights. So, by upgrading your car with proper LED lights you will no longer be scared to drive in bad weather conditions like rain, snow or fog.

lamborghini-650274_640Ceramic brake pads

Ceramic pads handle high brake temperature with less heat fade, they offer much quieter braking and provide faster recovery after stopping. Also, they produce much less dust as they wear, unlike regular brakes. Ceramic compounds durability tests show that they extend brake life.

Upgrade your sound system

This is not an expensive upgrade, but it can really make your life easier, especially when you have to wait in a traffic jam. Everything is better with the music you like, and according to Popular Mechanics Magazine you can get a new radio head that is compatible with your mobile device for less than $100, so think about that.

Car interior upgrade

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the quality of your drive time. If you are getting tired of the same seats, just use a fabric spray paint and simply spray over your seat in any color you like.

USB power multiplied

If you travel a lot, an excellent thing to buy is a USB power multiplied, which will allow you to use your tablet or phone instead of paper maps. You can insert this additional and powerful USB into the cigarette lighter socket. This way all of your electronic gadgets will stay charged during hours on the road.

Colors and Your Photos: An Absolute Read for All Photographers

Colors and Your Photos: An Absolute Read for All PhotographersPerhaps, you know how colors help create the mood of your photos. You don’t need advanced photography lessons or experience to know the impact of colors on photos.

When I was just starting out in photography, effective use and composition of colors in images was among the first things I had to learn. I realized how powerful colors can be when I had my room re-painted. Using an air compressor (visit for more details about air compressors for painting), the dull white walls were painted with bright yellow. The change in color gave my room a lively, refreshing vibe.

Colors are a universal language. They are a powerful element in life as well as in photography. They can evoke feelings and mood that ultimately impact its audience, whether they will love the photo or hate it altogether. And in order to use colors well in your photography projects, it would help to know what emotions each color evokes or means.

  1. Red

Feelings of warmth, passion and love are widely attributed to red. It also creates a sense of fierce and regalia. When used in contrast with white, red creates a major contrast but with a touch of grace.

  1. Orange

The color of sunset, orange gives warmth and enthusiasm to your photos. Our eyes are instinctively drawn to orange being one of the best hues of nature, especially seen as the sun sets.

  1. Yellow

Yellow comes in different tones and hues, and each of this gradient can evoke a totally different emotion. Light yellow creates a refreshing mood, but excessively bright or deep tone will leave you irritated. Saturating your photos with yellow also has a tiring effect. As such, yellow should be used only as down-tone.

  1. Green

The color of nature, green brings in life and tranquility to your photos. Perhaps, you’ve seen how pro photographers effectively use green in food photography. Yellow and green seem to contrast each other well as these colors evoke completely opposite mood. Use these two colors in equal proportions on your photographs and see how it gives it a lasting impact.

  1. Blue

Blue is the color of sky and it signifies hope and calmness, but some tones can evoke sadness. You’ve probably heard about some ‘feeling blue’. It is best paired with black to create a powerful and formal appeal.

  1. Black

Different people attach different meanings and emotions to black. In photography, black can be interpreted as either an amalgam of all the colors or the lack of it. Be extra careful when using black in your photographs lest you turn-off your audience. This color is also considered the ‘most formal’ of all colors. Highlight black if you want to convey serious sentiments.

  1. White

Give your photos soft and light emotions by maximizing white and other light tones, especially pink. These very light colors bring a sense of serenity and space. It adds depth to your photos. White contrasts perfectly with most other warm colors, but most especially with green.

Let your photographs reflect the emotions you want. Use the right colors, shades and contrast, and be amazed at how evocative your photographs can be!

An Absolute Read for All Photographers

6 Photography Tips for Shooting Interiors Like a Pro

6 Photography Tips for Shooting Interiors Like a ProI was recently invited to do the photo shoot for a freshly renovated restaurant. The 80s-inspired diner has an interesting vintage design. The designer and its contractor did a perfect job. The unique and intricate detailing left me awe-struck. I wonder what tools they used for this project, I’m sure they must’ve used a reciprocating saw (much like the ones found at this website) for achieving with precision, the odd-shaped wooden custom details. With such an impeccably designed space, I’m sure I can take some incredible stills.

Having done a number of interior photography projects for different clients (mostly in the interior design and real estate industry), I understand just how important excellent interior photography is for businesses. And regardless of the industry you’re business is in (such as interior design, hospitality, restaurant, healthcare, corporate,) gorgeous photographs of indoor spaces are essential in your marketing efforts. They catch the attention of audiences and entice them to choose your service.

For freelance photographers out there, here I’ve compiled a number of tips learned from some pro photographers:

  1. Picking the best perspective

Indoor spaces will look differently when viewed from a different corner. Make sure step back, try taking stills from all corners, and see which perspective captures the indoor space at its best.

  1. Use proper lighting

You want the photo to look balanced without under-lit or over-lit spots. As much as possible, you want to use available lighting to make the photos look more genuine. Maximize the natural soft light that enters from the window. It is best to shoot late afternoon or early morning.

This video explains a little more:

  1. Wide shot

A wide angle shot allows you to capture as much of the space. To achieve a wide shot, you may need to use a lens anywhere from 16mm to 24mm. However, avoid going too wide as it can also distort the perspective.

  1. Avoid blurring

Your indoor photos must look sharp and free of blurring. Use a tripod or other stabilizing measure to make sure that the shot is untainted by any unwanted movements.

  1. Stage the space, but not too much

Make sure the photos make the indoor space look organized. If you want the space to have a certain vibe, you may need to add accessories or details. You may also need to rearrange furniture or move them around. Of course, you have to remove clutter. If the space is just newly renovated, make sure to take out unwanted items; any power tool such as a cordless reciprocating saw is included.

  1. Be versatile

Photography TipsEvery indoor space will have its unique features as well as unique purpose. Be creative and be ready to experiment. With every shoot, be mindful about what the photo is meant for or what it “sells”.

Most important of all, keep taking photos – more than you think you need. You’ll appreciate having plenty of options to choose from later on.

8 Things You Must Have in Your Car

dreamcatcher-918980_1280Looking for inspiration for writing or photography, I spend a lot of time in the car and go to different destinations. Some have led me in a difficult situation. Luckily, I got out and made this little list of things that everyone should have in the car.

  1. Reserve tire and set required for tire maintenance. This is particularly important if you are driving on rough and rugged terrain, as I sometimes do. When you drill a tire on the road, it is necessary to replace it with the reserve, that you should always have in the car. It should be borne in mind that the reserve tire should be ready for use, correct and well preserved. Sometimes, set for tire maintenance can save you from the accident. Under the set, I mean glue for tires and pump.
  2. Jumper cables. Several times it happened to me that my battery betrays me on the road. In some situations, it was my fault. For example, when I see something that inspires me, and I forget to turn off the light in the car. Jumper cables allow you to reconnect the battery of your car with the battery on someone else’s car and return your car to life.
  3. OBD2 scanner. If you notice that your vehicle is behaving strangely when you’re driving, and you’re not sure what the problem is, this scanner will be of great benefit. An excellent review of these OBD2 scanners can be found here. Of course, you can use it only if you do not drive a car that will soon be classified in the category of old-timers. By plugging it in the appropriate place in the car, the scanner will diagnose your car and recommend what steps to take.
  4. The tool. Speaking of accidents with tires, batteries, and car breaks, I must emphasize that it is very important to have a tool with which such accidents can be improved.
  5. First-aid kit is part of the mandatory equipment in the car, and I think it is unnecessary to explain that it can save your life in certain situations.
  6. Blanket. Perhaps it is not the first thing that you will put into the car, but I have to admit that it can be very useful. If you get stuck on the road, and you have to sleep in the car, you will be immensely glad that you take it. If you need to look under the car, you can set the blanket on the ground, not to get dirty.
  7. Bottle of water. In addition to being able to quench your thirst, it can serve to wash your hands or to clean something in the car.
  8. 2 reflective triangles. If you experience an accident on the road, putting reflector triangles in front and behind your car will draw the attention of other drivers on the road and make you noticeable in the dark.

Although you may not be prone to bad luck like me, you never know when it will happen to you for the first time. You do not need many things to overcome a bad luck on the spot. Things on this list may be enough!

No sport should hurt any one

No sport should hurt any oneEveryone wants to live a happy and prosperous life. Everybody wants to be secure and progressive with their lives. Life is a beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon us and we must all respect and honor the lives of us and those who are around us irrespective of the fact whether we know them or not. Even we must respect and honor the live and dignity of the nature and its creatures. Nature is the mother to all. So every living creature is its child and so we must stand guard and protect its sons and daughters instead of killing and destroying them brutally.

Hunting has been proved to be a good sport for a long time now. Centuries have passed since man first started hunting. Initially, the hunt was to acquire food and it was essential for the survival of the species of the human beings. This did not harm the eco system as this was a part of the cyclic events that the nature had designed for us. This was all part of the environment. But problems started popping up when man started to gain fun out of its act of hunting. Essential necessity turned into passion. Passion gave way for more and more hunting which resulted in killing of animals beyond what was needed by the humans to consume. This passion was turned into luxury later on. Kings and lords went for hunting just to have fun. Their killing of innocent animals was a way to portray their might to the world and tell the world about their glory.

Killing for fun is truly a very gruesome deed. It is a shame on the face of humanity and we must do whatever it needs to stop such actions taken by people. Campaigns are on from every part of the world regarding this and we all should participate in such programs as per the way it suits us best. But we must take some firm steps. Time has come to keep those killing machines, those guns away from the reach of the hunters. We must wake up and respond to the call of keeping those guns back in the gun safe. Know more by clicking here.

In today’s world there are a lot of things and a huge number of options one can choose from to spend his or her time. We now have so many options to choose from for entertaining ourselves and we must find our way to recreation through them.

Killing any kind of organism it an act of cruelty. Even the trees should be cut scientifically and rationally using technology. Cutting trees can bring a whole lot of natural disaster and upset the balance of nature. Nature maintains a fine and delicate balance and we must take steps to keep it intact and not harm it in any way. Sustainable development is what we need now for a progressive and safe future. Our futures are in our own hands and we must do whatever it takes to safe guard it for our next generation.

6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Indoors

Photograph of a cute catYou know how much I love cats. I even built a wooden cat house for Tom. For this DIY project, I found the oscillating tool very useful especially for cutting through wood. Find out more about this power tool by reading through this review site – Oscillating Tools Depot.

I’ve heard some regrettable stories about cats roaming outside: being run into by vehicles or contract infections and diseases or simply getting lost. I was afraid this would happen to Tom, so I decided to keep him confined indoors.

The first few weeks of keeping him indoors were difficult. He seemed bored, unruly and defiant. It seems my pet wanted to explore outside. After consulting a few cat-owner friends and reading through forums, I’ve found a number of helpful tips on how to keep your cats happy, safe and healthy indoors.

Let me share with you some tips I found effective.

  1. Give ‘em lot of toys.

Cats love to play. Make sure there are plenty of toys for your cat such as plastic balls, stuffed mice and other small, inexpensive toys. Playing with toys compensates for the lack of outdoor adventure and exploration, and provides stimulation and exercise.

  1. Play with your cat indoors.

The best way to keep cats indoors is to bond with them. Spend time with your pet at the living room or your bedroom. There are toys that require your interaction and provide plenty of opportunity for you to bond.

  1. Neuter or spay your cat.

In order to keep your cats indoors, spaying or neutering them is an absolute must. This makes cat less territorial, more sociable and reduces their tendency to roam.

  1. Provide privacy.

Cats are territorial creatures and they want to have a defined space. An indoor cat cage in a secluded area means privacy for your cat. Further, you can make your cat feel secured by ensuring that they have a litter box in a secluded area. You can make your own DIY litter box. For this purpose, an oscillating tool is certainly useful. I’ve read a nice review about the Genesis GMT15A oscillating tool here.

  1. Provide a scratching surface.

Unless you want to find your furniture all ripped up, make sure to have scratching surfaces within the private space of your cat. Scratching is a way for cats to do away with tension, stress, and boredom. It is also a form of exercise that keeps their muscles strong. Encourage your cat to use the scratching surface by providing them with treats.

  1. A view of the outdoors.

A large window with clear view of the outdoors gives your cat visual access to the outdoors. Allow your cat to sit beside the window. Visual stimulation minimizes the cat’s anxiety and keeps them less bored. Further, natural light from the sun helps improve their mood.

Contrary to what some people think, keeping your pet cat indoors can have tremendous positive effects on your pet’s happiness and health. It keeps them less exposed to the threats posed by outdoor activity, such as accidents, infections, exposure to harmful substances, fleas and ticks, and more. Use these tips and keep your cats safe!

Interesting Scrap Wood Projects

Interesting Scrap Wood ProjectsNot many of you know that aside from photography, I also am a trying hard DIY man. Actually, I have done few woodworking projects at home. Among the projects I’ve done, my all-time favorites have always been the scrap wood salvage projects.

While cleaning up the garage, I was surprised to discover the scrap wood and remnants from past home renovation projects piled up in there. I was about to junk the pile of scraps when I realized that I needed an extra side table for my room. I thought I could turn the trash into something useful.

Early the following day, I gathered all woodworking tools I could find and started working on my first ever scrap wood project. By noon, I was almost done and ready for the finishing touches. I used the Porter Cable 362V Belt Sander (read review on this site: to smoothen the surface. I painted with clear gloss varnish for the final touch. The result was beyond my imagination. It looked better than what I was initially planning. The variety of wood colors and wood patterns makes it look very unique. It suited my room perfectly!

From this unexpected discovery, I have done a few more projects. Here are some scrap wood projects you can find inspiration from:

  1. Raised garden beds

Old shipping pallets look great as raised wood pallet garden beds. To make one, simply attach landscaping cloth to the bottom, add garden soil, and start planting your favorite flower! This is a great scrap wood project for small spaces.

  1. Scrap wood trellis

Vines and climbing flowers add appeal to your garden. Instead of purchasing trellis, you can use scrap wood. Cut equal length of scrap wood and screw to two long woods. Paint it with outdoor varnish to make it more durable.

  1. Wooden storage

Instead of just piling up scrap wood in the garage, assemble them so to create a sturdy wooden box. Old fence planks and 4x4s are perfect for making storage. Now, you can finally get rid of scraps and make more storage space in your garage. Use a belt sander to smoothen the surface.

  1. Compost bins from scrap woods

Create compost bins using old wood pallets. Making a compost bin is very simple. You just have to screw together the pallets and attach chicken wire on its interior to contain the compost.

  1. Accents for your living room

Scrap woodcraft can add pizzazz to your home. You can create unique picture frames and shelving using scrap woods. Add details to your projects by using salvaged wood materials that you can find at a local junk store.

  1. Get inspiration from your passions

Gather inspiration from your interests and hobbies. I actually made a tall photography backdrop out of salvaged barn wood and many find it lovely.

There are a lot of projects that you can do with scrap woods. Be crafty and let your creative juices flow. You’d be surprised at the wide variety of projects you can do!


All You Need to Know About Door Handles

All You Need to Know About Door HandlesHi guys! Well, I recently got a pretty nice gig – photographing door handles. I had to get the perfect door handle photo so, naturally, I wanted to do some digging into door handles and their types. Here’s what I found!

Door handles are protruding devices attached to door frames as a mechanism of opening and closing the door. They can either be just fixed holding objects to push and pull the door or be connected to the door lock for the purpose of latching and unlatching the lock to open and close the door. Nothing new so far, right?

But, did you know that the use of a door handle has evolved over the years from simple door holding object to an important house decoration object; they can be made out of a variety of materials (such as cut glass, wood, brass, steel, porcelain, Victorian bronze just to name a few) to complement the general appearance of the building. Throughout the week, I suddenly started noticing door handles everywhere – taking my newspapaer, notice my neighbors handle; working out on my these awesome power racks – notice the garage door handle, etc.  So, if you’re asking yourselves by now, what are these various types of handles, well…

Some of the most common types are:

  1. Door levers –usually shaped as stick-like curved protruding handles mainly intended for unlatching the door lock’s primary latch when the lock is not closed using a key.
  2. Flush pull handles-these handles are found on sliding glass doors and are mainly used to pull the doors apart.
  3. Car door handles-these are found on vehicle doors, most of the recent car models do not have keyed door handles but most of the old vehicle designs had door handles with key holes in them. I got some nice shots of those yesterday. Sweet!
  4. Door knobs- These are cylindrical shaped door handles attached onto a door as a means of opening and closing the door. Door knobs can take various shapes such as round shaped, egg shaped and many others. They are made from various materials such as stained glass, stainless steel, vintage iron, polished chrome, polished nickel or even simple wood. I like these the best and I got the best photos out of them right after I did my daily routine on my crazy power racks from

That’s what I learned about their types. Now, I also did some research into their usage – it’s all pretty basic stuff but here it is anyway:

  • Keyed entrance door knobs

These are used on exterior doors, mainly because they are lockable with keys hence good for securing houses, they can be also used on interior doors especially ones with valuable contents behind them.

  • Privacy and bath door knobs

These knobs are designed in such a way that they can lock the door lock when twisted from the inside only and do not necessarily require keys. They can be used on bedroom doors, bathrooms or in any other room that requires privacy.

  • Dummy knobs

They are usually one sided knobs without a lock since they are only meant for the purpose of handling the door and not locking it. Mostly they are found on kitchen cabinet doors and clothing closet doors, however they can also be found on exterior doors especially those of large halls.



How to Photograph Moving Bikes

How to Photograph Moving BikesI’ve recently been to a motorbike event and that’s where I faced a real photography challenge. It’s a good thing I took my time to prepare and packed all the gear I needed to make some really good shots of moving vehicles. Otherwise, I would have come home with nothing but a bunch of blurry pictures and a distinct feeling of disappointment.

Equipment is the key to success when it comes both to bike-riding and bike-photographing. I’ve been really amazed seeing so many incredibly skilled and daring people who ride their beautiful vehicles at breakneck speeds. What impressed me the most was the amount of courage it takes to do this as there is so very little that protects the rider’s body in case of an accident.

The only “real” protection that a motorcyclist has is the helmet. Doesn’t sound like much, right? I actually did some research into the subject and found out that motorcycle helmets today are works of art. They can really make a difference in case of a fall, and there is a great variety of them available. Just click here if you want to learn why a helmet can save a rider’s life and how many types of them exist.

I believe that motorcyclists definitely are awe-inspiring people and they deserve the best photographs. Making these shots is hard, but I did manage to succeed and today I’d like to share some tips with those of you who want to try photographing moving bikes.

  1. Get the right tools.
    To get good shots from a motorbike event you’ll need your favorite digital or film SLR camera. Digital compact cameras won’t do for this kind of photography as their shutter lag makes it impossible to take a good shot of a fast-moving object. You’ll need a camera that reacts the instant you press the shutter button. As you are unlikely to get a chance to stand really close to the track, you’ll have to take a 300mm (or even longer) telephoto lens as well as a tripod. The latter is necessary as you’ll have to wait for quite a bit to take your shots, so your hands are sure to grow heavy.
  2. Get into a good position.
    Find yourself a spot at some slow corner of the track. Bikes will be leaning beautifully here, so you will definitely get a few amazing shots.
  3. Set the focus.
    An autofocus feature becomes a hindrance when you are trying to photograph something as fast as a moving bike. So, switch to manual, set the focus on the best spot on the track and lock it. I suggest the apex of the bend as the perfect focus spot.
  4. Experiment with shutter speed.
    You’ll need to set a fast shutter speed when photographing motorbikes, but how fast is for you to decide. Experiment a bit starting with 1/500th of a second and find your perfect pace.
  5. Use burst mode.
    Motorbike racing photography is as much about luck as it is about skill, and burst mode will definitely up your chances capture the best picture.